Valentine’s day in Lagos – Valentine’s Gift/Treat & Vendors Guide in Lekki


We put up our first Valentine’s day in Lagos series post with Val’s day guide two days ago. Today, we are sharing the next guide, which is Vals gift/treat guide for 2018.

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This post is perfect for anyone looking to gift their partner this Valentine’s day. Treat ideas suggested in this post includes Cakes, Cupcakes, Perfumes, Lingerie, Chocolates and gift boxes. Find below our vendor list for Valentine’s day gift/treat ideas.

Valentine’s Cake & 12 Vendors in Lekki

Lekki is the home of some of the popular cake and confectioneries vendors. Cakes/cupcakes are amongst the best treats you can get for someone this season and there are a lot of confectioneries vendors offering Valentine’s cakes/cupcakes. We complied a couple of them who are in Lekki and their Valentine’s day offers.





Thesweetspotbakery Lekki

Dessertexpressions Lekki

Infusioncakes Lekki


Ms Bake Shop Ajah

Esemdees Lekki

Lawlasconfectionary Lekki

Maysdesserts Lekki


Lingerie’s are the sexiest gift ever especially for Valentine’s day. You can gift your woman a very sexy Lingerie set this Valentine’s and spice up things on that day after the dinner.  Check out this premium Lingerie vendor in Lekki

Trouvai Lingerie Lekki

Valentine’s Chocolates & Made in Nigeria vendors

Chocolates go hand in hand with Cakes/Cupcakes as treats for Valentine’s day. Offer your partner the best of the sweetest things in life this Valentine’s day gifting them a yummy chocolates. We discovered vendors offering Made in Nigeria chocolates and they have cool offers this Valentine’s.

Losheschocolate Lekki *Made in Nigeria*


Customised Perfumes & Vendors in Lekki

Perfumes are a classic and safe bet gift for Valentine’s. It is also another sexy gift you can give her/him for lovers day. It is a bit personal and it takes knowing your partner to understand their scent. If you get the perfect scent for her/him all the credit goes to you. You can also customise their scent along with your partners name.

Here are the vendors offering perfumes as gifts in Lekki this Valentine’s.

Mystiqueeperfumery *Customized Scent*



Valentine’s Gift boxes & Vendors in Lekki

If you are unsure of what to buy for your partner this Valentine’s day, you can look out for gift packages which include chocolates, perfumes, cards, champagne and a lot more. There are Vendors who have customised Boxes for her/him this Valentines’s. Here are the vendors offering Valentine’s gift boxes in Lekki


Cush Luxury

Ediye Lekki

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