Tips for Voting Nigeria Decides 2019 and Polling Units in Eti-Osa Lagos


Nigeria decides 2019 is finally is finally here and we thought to share some useful tips you should have in mind towards the 2-day election with the first taking place tomorrow.

For those voting Nigeria decides 2019, here are a few tips and what to expect tomorrow

1. Movements will be restricted from 6 am so you should be close to your polling unit or you will have to do an endurance walk. The last election I know people that walked from VGC to Lekki phase I. Get your fit on.

2. Queues are going to be long so you need to go as early as 6 am depending on your area for accreditation which starts at 8am and ends at 2pm according to INEC. Make sure you get a number or space on the line before leaving the queue. Also if you don’t get accredited you will not be allowed to vote so please make sure you wait for accreditation.

3. Go with a chair or a mat incase you have to relax after accreditation.

4. Go with a lot of food and plenty of snacks. Also bottles of water and spare cash incase you need to buy anything from vendors at the polling station.

5. Don’t forget your hat or sunglasses or an umbrella. Weather is always extreme either it rains or the sun is out to fry anyone.

6. Have your entertainment kit with you either tablet, board games, or music on your phone so headphones are a must.

7. Avoid wearing any political party shirts or anything accessories to attract attention so as not to get into arguments about politics.

8. Make friends and network at the polling stations if you are in an area with people with like minds. We met a lot of cool people during the previous elections and we stayed in touch.

9. Would be useful to take as many pictures to share on Twitter and Instagram to join the election for #Nigeriadecides2019 and how INEC is managing your polling units.

10. After the votes have been counted, there are a couple of places that will be open to chill after elections. So get ready to unwind.

Finally, locate your polling unit here if you are not sure about your polling unit in Eti-Osa (Lekki, VI, Ajah, Ikoyi, Lagos Island). Full list of polling units in Eti-Osa

We would also be sharing pictures of people voting within Eti-Osa who tag #livinginlekki on Instagram/Twitter tomorrow. Tag us and follow @livinginlekki on Instagram and Twitter.