Things to do in Lagos – Wanderlust in Epe ‘The Palace of Alara & The Mystical Tree in Epe, Lagos


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It has been a while since we put up about our adventures.

We have been exploring Epe since 2015 with our visit to Epe fish market, this year we visited other communities around Epe and we discovered some interesting things about Epe, Lagos.

The road leading to Epe extends from Ibeju-Lekki and the Epe Lagoon is the boarder between Epe and Ibeju-Lekki. Once you cross the bridge in you are in Epe Town.

Epe also shares the same boarder with Ijebu, Ogun state which is a neighboring state to Lagos. The popular walls Sungbo Eredo Moat which surrounds Epe and also extended to Ijebu, the monument of were the queen Seba was buried on the grounds by Ijebu very close to Epe.

A few months we had the opportunity of visiting one of the Palaces in Epe, the palace of Alara of Ilara. Alara of Ilara is a first class Oba in Lagos and also the head of all the kings in Epe Town. He was crowned the king in 1960 (10-10-196) at the age of 16. He was also named the youngest king by the Guinness book of world records in 1961.

Picture frames of the king when during his installation as the Alara of Ilara in 1960

His palace was full of pictures with different dignitaries including Obafemi Awolowo. He shared his story on he was a teacher outside and he was chosen when the kolanut was thrown (Ifa). He is one of the longest reigning Monarch in the country and currently the longest reigning Monarch in Lagos.

Alara of Ilara with Oba of Lagos
Alara of Ilara with Obafemi Awolowo

We went round the huge palace which he moved into in 2014. We also saw the old palace right infront of the new one. The new palace is up the hill and you can view major parts of Epe from the hill including the forests and more.

The kings hall were he receives guests.

The old palace of Alara of Ilara
View from the Palace of Alara of Ilara

They also took us to a mystical tree along the palace road, the tree is very old and it is the only one with such values. They worship during their festive periods.

We will share more on our next post about Epe. You should also check out this Video by Naijanomds on their trip to Epe Mangroves (

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