Lagos Valentine’s Day Guide – Alternative things to do in Lagos on Valentine’s day


In our usual Valentine’s Day tradition, we curate guides of things to do in Lagos on Valentine’s day also sharing tips by recommending some of the vendors offering Valentine’s day activities.

This year, we decided to try something new by curating an alternative list based on people’s opinions. We came across a research about Valentine’s day in Nigeria what men and women prefer conducted by Picodi. It got us curious to ask people what things they would like to do and we took to our insta stories sharing the ideas we had in mind.

This post is a summary of all the ideas we shared and the top ideas based on the votes.

  1. Private Spa date with the bae; This shows people still love some pampering even on Valentine’s day. Our recommendation is for you to look for Spa’s offering Valentine’s day treats for 2.
  2. Movie date at home; This isn’t a surprise as most people would go to work on Valentine’s day and there is Netflix to the rescue. We recommend buying cupcakes, customised chocolates, order take-out and enjoy the evening.
  3. Bedroom Romance; The romance never ends and this is an interesting option. Most people still want the night time action after all. We recommend you get scented candles, lingerie set as a gift, scented oil and roses for the special night.
  4. Romantic Dinner at home; The private dining setting in your house is a growing trend, just you and bae. We recommend you should order take-out or simply order meal delivery options for Valentine’s food from one of the Chefs and you can enjoy the perfect dinner with bae at home.
  5. Romantic Bath with wine/Champagne; This came as a surprise since we are of the assumption people want to go out on Valentine’s day. People want to cozy up and spend quality time together. We recommend you get customised chocolates, scented candles, scented bath oils and your wine glasses.

These are the 10 alternative things to do on Valentine’s day in Lagos.

Romantic dinner at home

Romantic bath with Bae

Baecation ‘Travel with Bae’

Cinema date

Movie Date at home

Games night at home

Bedroom romance

Wine tasting with Bae

Spa date with Bae

Dirty dancing

Workout date

In the end, some people simply want the gifts or exchange gifts.

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