Iftar Ideas in Lagos this Ramadan ‘That Won’t Break Your Account’


Iftar Ideas in Lagos

We know we have not been around for a while, so accept our apologies.

Our come back post is for our fellow Muslim on Iftar ideas in Lagos during Ramadan. We know the general conception is to stay indoors during Ramadan but seeing as most people work and have to commute every day. Staying indoors isn’t an option and we have also faced the usual traffic battles to make it home in time for Iftar.

Hence why we have decided to put together this post as a quick hack for Iftar Ideas in Lagos during Ramadan. The idea is also on a budget during Ramadan when buying meals or essentials outside.

Here are some of our iftar ideas in Lagos that won’t break the bank

Fresh fruit Juice 1 liter for N1,500

Fruits are an important part of Ramadan and especially if you want to stay healthy and nourished. You could consider drinking fresh fruit juices or smoothies instead of eating the fruits. For Iftah we discovered a new spot in Lekki phase 1 which offers 1-liter fresh fruit juice for N1,500 and it is enough for Iftar and Sahur. The new spot is called Juice box, click here to locate the outlet.

Greek Yogurt for N1,300 tub

Yogurts contain milk which are essential proteins for retaining energy, especially during Ramadan. Greek yogurt is very healthy and can fill you up especially when consumed during Sahur. It doesn’t make you crave more food and this is one of our favorite hacks. Greek yogurt from Green grill house is our favorite and you can click here to locate the outlet.

Pap & Moi Moi for N500

Growing up in a Yoruba home papa and moi moi was an important part of Iftar. It was essential and we had it almost every night as well as Tapioca for Sahur. Old habits don’t die and that has progressed till date. I discovered an online store that sells pap or Tapioca with Moi Moi for N500 excluding delivery and this has been one of our hit hacks this Ramadan. The online store is DpointLagos and the portion is well sized. They also offer delivery in the evenings in time for Iftar – 4, 5 pm. Click here to check them out.

Iftar Meals for N1,000 with fruits

Photo credit @SubratMansingh

This is not a paid post and we recently uncovered this sweet meal deal on Saturday. Hubmart is offering 3 types of meals with fresh fruit salad bowl if you eat in or take out during Iftar. This is a brilliant idea as it comes with two rice options, swallow, yam porridge with water and fruits. This is available in the evenings and you can check out the Hubmart in Lekki phase 1. Click here to locate

Goat kebab or Sujuk wraps for N1,500

One of my favorite places during Ramadan outside Lekki is the Syrian mosque and club in Ikoyi. Perfect place for iftar and also to say your Maghrib salat the environment is quiet and peaceful. The mosque is next door and the club is more of open space to order Mediterranean food such as Sujuk, hummus, kata and more. The Kafta, Sujuk, Kebab wraps are N1,500 and they are extremely filling. If you also order the hummus it comes with unlimited bread. They also serve fresh fruit juice for N1,000. Click here to locate the Syrian mosque in Ikoyi.