Food Review – Sloppy Double Patty Burger At Liv By The Truth Lekki, Lagos


This week’s food discovery post is about another new spot in Lekki. The new spot is called LIV by the truth Lekki, the spot is a bit hidden. We first checked out the spot while scouting for places in Lekki, seemed more like a club but we added it to our list of spots to check out.

We made a second visit and eventually tried out their food last week Friday. At Liv by the truth Lekki, we had their double beef patty burger with a side of plantain.

See pictures from what we had at Liv by the truth Lekki below.


The first impression we had of Liv by the truth was it looked more like a hidden club but we liked how simple and stylish it looked. They had the wooden iteration outside with LIV written at the top and decorated wings with lights. When you walk in it definitely looks more like a club and lounge. They had simple lounge style chairs and 2 rooms for VIP.

The most interesting part about the space is the lit selfie room they have with fluorescent lights and mirror in the mini-room.

The Menu – The menu was simple with about 7 options which quickly communicated it is more about drinks for them than food. They had most mains of burgers, wings and the regular bar food. Nothing you would consider as a proper meal. The prices were not listed which was not cool if you wanted to make your decision, you would have to ask for the prices or be slammed with a huge bill after eating. We ordered what they recommended which was the beef burger.

The Meal – The food was served in the usual burger rack with the side as well. We could not understand the burger they served as it looked really sloppy and the cheese barely melted. It took them about 15 minutes to put together but it was confusing. We also noticed they used the ketchup mayo base on the bread and the burger looked more like one you would put together in your kitchen. It has the double patty beef, cheese, cucumber, tomato, and a fried egg. It was nothing close to being nice and it was really messy we couldn’t eat it up to half. We asked the manager why the burger was like that and he mentioned that is how the owner likes it or told them to make burgers.

The Service – The manager had attended to us both times we visited and they were on point with service. The meal did not take long and they kept updating if they had anything to clarify.

In summary, the burger at LIV is definitely canceled but we like the space. It is a good place to chill after work knowing it will not be packed. Maybe their drinks would have been better but definitely not trying their food. Also we heard this is meant to be a replica of a club in Miami called LIV by the the truth so maybe we can compare

What we had & Where

Beef burger with fried plantain


LIV by the truth in Lekki (Click to locate in map)

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