Food Monday – Pancake breakfast Gone Wrong at PlamJ’s lounge Lekki, Lagos


This week’s food Monday discovery is about another rooftop spot in Lekki called PlamJ’s Lounge Lekki. The Lounge is an entire building which could easily be called a hidden spot in a plain sight.

We first heard about the lounge from a friend and it has been on the list for a while. Yesterday, while scouting for a breakfast spot open so early, we decided to check out PlamJ lounge to breakfast.

See pictures of the breakfast we had at PlamJ’s lounge Lekki.


The first impression of the rooftop spot was very cozy, homely like a living room. The rooftop was serene and welcoming, we couldn’t fault them for the ambiance of their rooftop spot.

  1. The Menu – We confirmed from the waiters on the first floor before heading to the lounge about their breakfast menu. They should use the same menu and said they had breakfast options. The menu was simple and straightforward. They mostly had African breakfast and two continental breakfast options. Their African breakfast options seemed affordable especially the African options. We ordered their pancakes with eggs, sausages, and baked beans.
  2.  The Meal – The pancake breakfast was nothing we expected or ever had. The pancakes did not look appealing or enticing either. The breakfast looked empty and maybe we should have listened to the waiter when she said they don’t offer the breakfast option.
  3. The Service – The waiter was confused and had no idea what their breakfast menu was. When we showed her and confirmed it was on their menu list, she said they have not started serving breakfast meals yet. She later mentioned they don’t even have breakfast at all. We had to tell her to confirm with the kitchen since the waiters downstairs said they offered the option we wanted. She eventually confirmed they offered pancake breakfast and apologized saying it was an unusual order for them.

In conclusion, this is a reminder that all that glitters is not actually gold. We liked the ambiance on the rooftop spot but their food is canceled.

What we had & Where

Pancakes, eggs, syrup and baked beans – N2,000


Plamj Lounge Lekki

Have you been to PlamJ lounge in Lekki before or tried any of their meals? Share your experience in the comment section below.


    • You know they could have harassed me saying I did not have money and I came to eat.

      It is better to just pay and document the experience. That way no one will say it is free food.

  1. Hello ,Yes I have been there before..I ordered yam with eggs.Not great ….not bad either.

    Sorry it was a miss!!

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