Food Monday – Chops your way at The Warehouse Kitchen Lekki, Lagos


First official Food Monday post this year Yipee. We saved a few of our food scouts from the end of last year and decided to unveil the reviews this year. In December, we checked out one of the new hot spots on Admiralty way, Lekki phase 1 called ‘The warehouse kitchen Lekki, Lagos’

We anticipated the opening of the kitchen for a while, the owners restricted access for a while even after the spot was ready to open.

Moving on to what we had at the warehouse kitchen Lagos, we had grilled peppered lamb chops with sautéed veggies at the warehouse kitchen Lekki, Lagos.


Everything about the ambiance of the warehouse kitchen is unique. From the cow head decor on the door to the wooden deck which brings together the whole feel of an actual warehouse where you can drink and chill.

The menu – The menu was simple and surprisingly expensive, It was hard to understand why the most basic things like fried meat would go got N4,500 and the main menu pepper soup for N6,500. If you walked in excited to eat, you would rethink your choice simply by looking at the menu. On the bright side, the menu was straightforward which meant you won’t be asking random questions. It was simply overpriced and not much stuff in there.

Food – We ordered with lamb chops, grilled lamb chops served with parsley, sautéed vegetables, and chili with a side of rice or fries. We ordered extra sautéed vegetables to replace the rice. The food was presented on the fancy wooden pallets topped with parsley. The lamb chops were just alright and nothing spectacular about it. The sautéed vegetables were the best thing we had, it was crunchy and fresh. The meal was a bit disappointing for N9,500 also because they were rationing the portion of veggies.

Service – We had one waiter attend to us all through except and he was very helpful. The meals was served early and we only had an issue when they served us the regular portion excluding the extra veggies portion we asked to replace the side. After arguing they went back and fixed up more veggies for us even if it was too late.

In general, we like the ambiance but won’t consider the warehouse kitchen a restaurant. Seemed more like a cool place to hang out and watch the game.

What we had & Where

Lamb chops with sautéed vegetables – N9500


The Warehouse Kitchen Lekki, Lagos

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