5 reasons to visit Chevron Lekki, Lagos


Most people know Chevron Lekki because of Chevron Nigeria HQ and because of the number of estates along Chevron from Lekki expressway. There is a lot more to Chevron. Although the area is largely residential, a visit to Chevron is worth your while. Here are 5 reasons to visit Chevron drive in Lekki.

Eat this

Chevron Lekki is the home of one of the best shawarma spots in Lekki and it is not a new place. Our crew used to go all the way to Chevron for shawarma at the Limeridge Hotel. It was one of the few places to chill at night and they had good shawarma. You can also preorder or talk a stroll down Chevron drive for this shawarma.

There are also the really nice street chops being offered at Ebeano Supermarket on Chevron drive, ranging from Puff puff to Masa, grilled chicken, boil and more. There are unlimited chops on the lane and there is no excuse not to try any of these options.

One of the tastiest Asian restaurants we reviewed a while back ‘Spice bowl’ is also located off chevron lane with affordable Asian meal options. If food is your thing, Chevron has you covered. There are also meal deliveries from fast foods around such as Mega chicken, Dominos pizza, Jumia food has some restaurants on the platforms as well. Click here to locate

Try this

There is a new sports arena on Chevron Lekki ‘Pitch & Play’ which offers 5 aside for football lovers, basketball court and also something for the kids. There is also a children’s playground so the kids can have their time while you are playing your favourite sports. Click here to locate

Photocredit @pitch.and.play Instagram

If you are looking to unwind by watching a movie, there is also a cinema directly on the chevron lane at the grand cinemas in Atlantic centre shopping mall. You don’t have to go as far as Lekki expressway to watch your favourite blockbusters. Click here to locate

Walk this path

Chevron drive is next door neighbours with the popular Lekki Conservation Center. It is within walking distance from the traffic light and definitely a reason to visit Chevron. The conversation is famous for the 2nd largest canopy walk in Africa and the pet animals at the center. The fresh air and the views of the lagoon when you are 22meters above sea level. Click here to locate

You can also try to sign up to Gyms off Chevron lane such as Body impact Gym and a few others if you want to keep up your fitness. There is also the option of creating your own walking fitness crew if you live in one of the estates.

If you live around Chevron drive and you had more reasons to highlight, share in the comment section below.