Wrap Battle – 8 Best Wrap spots in Lekki, Lagos


‘Wrap spots in Lekki’

Hi Guys,

We have continued to explore food options and now there are a good number of healthy spots around us. We also explored wraps at the different spots, which are healthier versions of Shawarma.

As huge fans of wraps, we know a couple of the good spots for wraps. Today’s post is about wrap battle similar to the shawarma battle we did in a previous post HERE.

Some of our readers have argued about the best wrap spots in Lekki and we are doing Justice via this post.

Nellies the healthy spot is now in Lekki and we love how creative they are with food. They have the Nellies sweet potato chicken wrap which is really good and very different. Not as heavy as you would expect for a wrap made from sweet potato. The wrap is also Juicy and extremely tasty, it s perfect for N1,500 and recently they introduced the Egg wrap.

Angelos is another spot that has been serving up wraps since 2013. They started out with delivery but now they have a spot located at Ebeano in Lekki Phase 1. Angelos serves up proper packaged wraps that are considered as eating clean. Our favorite is the spicy chicken wrap and it comes at the right size as well. It is filling and always tastes fresh. If you are looking for a healthy clean wrap this should be your choice for N2,500. Their wraps are always ready early as 7:30am.

Majik Juice is another healthy spot which opened up in Lekki since 2015. They recently introduced a new menu for their wraps and they have the Suya wrap which is actually interesting. Majik juice is very particular about what they offer as healthy so they always stock up premium healthy options e.g Quinoa and rare veggies. Their wraps are a bit smaller than the regular wrap size. You can get a good wrap from Majik juice from N1,500.

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Dietmunchers is also another spot promoting healthier options with their menus. They have some really nice meals and you can trust them to serve up spicy meals. They have chicken and veggie wraps made from wheat bread by choice. Their wraps are spicy like a Nigerian meal but healthy. You can get a good wrap from N1,500 from Dietmunchers.

Sub delight is the Nigerian version of Subway. If you like subway sandwiches, sub delight is for you. They don’t have wraps but they have footlong and 6 inch sandwiches. They have the wheat bread option which is healthy and can be toasted with veggies along with chicken or turkey. Their spicy chicken isn’t spicy but it will pass and serves the purpose, their sandwiches start from N1,700 for 6 inch and N2,500 for footlong.

Plantplanet is the newest of them all. The new healthy spot serves up the usual healthy options and a lot of healthy treats. They have also have salads which can be made into wraps and they are really good. We tried their chicken with sweet potato salad wrap with wheat tortilla and it was very spicy. They are known for their spicy wraps and their wraps cost N2,000 upwards.

Other wrap spots;

Wrap city used to have a spot in Lekki but they moved to Victoria Island. We are such huge fans of their veggie wrap, it was always so Juicy and it cost N1,000. They also have other wrap options on their menu. Definitely worth mentioning.

We also like Nuli juice’s feisty chicken wrap, it is not the healthiest wrap but it is so juicy. Definitely close to shawarma, we like our wraps tasty + spicy and they deliver on that for N1,500. They have been closed for 2 months but you can locate their other store in Lagos.

Stackers sandwiches we wrote about in this post Here and also Roadchef but we are not fans of their wraps.

Have you tried healthy wraps at any of these places in Lekki or you have tried at other places and would love to share you experience. Kindly drop a comment below