Weekly Activity Routines – From Salsa to Yoga, Heels dance classes in Lekki, Lagos


Hi Guys,

It is a good time to start planning your weekly routines apart from the usual fitness exercise, there are other activities you can fit into your calendar and April is here already.

This post was put together for those that have been asking us what other things they can do in Lekki apart from the weekend events. These activities are ongoing and we are sure you will find one of them interesting enough to try.

They can be easily merged into your weekly routine after work or study. Ladies can also take note as some of them offer useful skills 🙂

  1. Salsa dance classes – Salsa classes might seem common but most people have actually never tried salsa dancing. Lekki happens to be one of the places in Lagos with different salsa classes happening everyweek. Salsa is definitely one you can do to have fun without having to stress much about being perfect. A few classes happening in Lekki at The Bank Club on Mondays, Span studio everyday, Bay lounge on Thursdays and Roadster Lounge. Click to locate all spots using our map.
  2. Photocredit @bailamos_dance Instagram

    Heels dance classes – Dancing can be really fun especially if you are learning to be comfortable to dance in Heels. There is a class for that happening in Lekki by a professional choreographer at Bailamos dance studio in Lekki on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Click to locate in Map

  3. Photocredit @Micernest on Instagram

    Yoga – Yoga might sound a bit off on this list but it is an interesting activity that should be on your weekly routine if you are not sweating it out in those dance classes. It is relaxing and helps the body to be more flexible. There are all kinds of Yoga classes however there are a few places in Lekki to build your Yoga routine around. Check out breathe studio every day of the week, Yoga with stacey at Stranger Lagos & Lagos chill Yoga at Lekki suites on Saturdays.

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    Burlesque Chair dancing class – Burlesque isn’t so common in Nigeria however it is worth trying at least for ladies to learn. You also have to do so in heels even more interesting. There is only one place that offers that in Lekki and Ikoyi. Red caramel @ Saladmasters in Lekki and at TES Fitness in Ikoyi.

Have you tried any of these activities? Share your experience in the comment section below.