Weekend Tales – Grill house X Green, Mainlander Guilty Free Kitchen in Lekki


Hi Guys,

This post is a bit late but you will have to accept my apologies, it has been a crazy week for me. This whole petrol stinginess is ready getting to me because it has restricted a lot of my movement in lekki, hence why today’s post is not about the events I attended during the weekend but the things I did randomly + places I visited.

Last weekend was a bit unusual because for some reason, I did not attend events in Lekki, I missed the fashion collection of Maju (Thanks to the traffic on Lekki expressway). I mostly hung out with friends around and checked out a couple of spots.

Now, I won’t lie I visited some dead places which is so sad because I had high expectations for them e.g I have been seeing this banner since december about the Animal farm in Lekki (Right turn after farm city after all the bus shuttle park), you wouldn’t believe it when I got there I really couldn’t get out of the car because it was almost like a garden… seriously animal farm to a mini garden by the canal (I was so disappointed). That being said it is good to always verify these things because I am not sure why someone will call that animal farm when they barely had animals apart from goats… Anyways that is why I am here to check all these things out… So the second place I found on instagram said they sold mainly cheesecake (Confectioneries) No 31 Victoria Ariobeke street Lekki Phase 1 as a sweet tooth junkie I really looked forward to seeing what they had to offer, on getting there they said they don’t display anything and I found out their their outlet was the place occupied by cafe neo before (Really small).. It was just sad.

With all the plenty spotting disappointments I still managed to check out the new green grill house healthy spot in lekki on No 5 Wole Ariyo Lekki Phase 1 for salad’s and fresh juice, I have been ordering from them since 2013 so when they are now my neighbors I have to check them out.

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender

I also gave a mainlander a ride when I ordered from the guilty free kitchen since they started a pick up option in lekki phase 1 at green grill house. I found out about guilty free kitchen on instagram with their yummy looking healthy confectioneries. I ordered banana bread and Wholemeal oat chocolate chip cookies (Healthy options). I can’t believe I will say this but the bread was too yummy we where like 5 that ate the bread and everyone of us loved it. The cookies wasn’t exactly what I ordered so I can’t say I enjoyed it because I hate raisins, I will definitely be trying out the banana bread again from guilt free kitchen.


IMG_9669I rounded up my saturday with a hangout/dinner party planned by chef rich (Aka rich), he is an amazing chef and we tried out his new recipe for pizza (Yumoff). I can’t speak too much about the hangout or mention names but always good having fun and cool people around thanks to rich.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 9.31.27 AM

What will I be doing this weekend? Well I have a wildlife trip in Lekki already planned (if you are interested please send me a mail also going for a couple of events and try out some place interesting, hopefully the petrol issue will have been solved.