Valentine’s Day in Lagos Guide – Valentine’s Dinner in Lekki, Lagos


Today’s post is the final piece to the series we started about Valentine’s day in Lagos last week. Our final Guide is on Valentine’s dinner in Lekki and places you should consider making reservations NOW.

This year’s list/recommendations also includes take-out options from out of home businesses that have tailored menu’s for Valentine’s dinner.

And yes Lovers day the guide isn’t complete if we don’t recommend some coded and romantic places around here 🙂

Valentine’s Dinner spots in Lekki

Here are restaurants offering tailored menu for Valentine’s day in Lekki and some interesting places we think couples will like to spend their time on Valentine’s day.

Peppercorn Avenue is an Asian restaurant in Lekki with an amazing ambiance. They serve Indian and Thai cuisine’s. They have customised a special menu for Valentine’s which gives couples the perfect taste of Asian cuisine while enjoying their romantic dinner.

Mint by EGC

Mint by EGC is a healthy fine dining restaurant. For Valentine’s day, they are offering a romantic night with 4 course meal and live performance by Isaac Gerald ‘He is a good artist’. The dinner is strictly by reservation so get on it, if this is for you.

O Gourmet in Lekki

O Gourmet is a Cameroonian restaurant by the waterside. The restaurant has an amazing view of Lekki-Ikoyi bridge and also Ikoyi. It is so beautiful at night, we can almost imagine the ambiance on Valentine’s day. They have a menu tailored for this month and it is all African in form of a buffet.

Lecker Cafe

Lecker Cafe is a new pastry shop and restaurant in Lekki. The cafe is so cool and extremely coded, they are also the only restaurant around here that serves up German cuisine. Ambiance is perfect for Valentine’s dinner with a mini outdoor space at the back.

Petite paris cafe

Is a little cosy cafe in Lekki offering st Valentine pass with two dinner options ranging from N8,000 to N15,000. The cafe isn’t so big and it is hidden hence why they have limited tables for reservations. If you want a bit of the paris romantic experience you should check out Petite Paris.

Lily Gate Lekki

Lily gate is a hotel in Lekki offering an exclusive Valentine’s experience at their Dunya restaurant. The restaurant also has an outdoor space where you can enjoy the amazing view of Lekki from the terrace while enjoying the 4 course buffet options available.

Ediye Lekki

One of the top new spots in lekki is organising a Dinner with Shuga band on the stage performing for Valentine’s day. We like Ediye’s food and the ambiance is perfect at their patio. If you also know a bit about the entertainment industry, you will know Shuga band is one of the oldest and best performing bands in Nigeria. So if you are fan or your lady is, you should make a date at Ediye on Valentine’s day.

Baylounge Lekki

Baylounge the restaurant and outdoor space is hosting couples on Valentine’s day to a special menu for two along with a perfect MC to spice up your evening and a fantastic DJ. Check our Baylounge Lekki and make your reservations before Valentine’s day.

Customised Take out dinner options

Our Vals Dinner guide also includes places with customised dinner menu which can be delivered to your house on Valentine’s day. If you are looking to spend Val’s indoors, we think this is a good idea for those and also for those who can’t be rushing to make last minute reservations. Check out the menu’s from these out of home spots.





Outdoor Events

Lovers corner

You can click on the names of the spots we recommended to locate them on our map. For the out of home businesses, you can check them out on Instagram before making reservations.

We hope our Valentine’s day guides have been useful. Kindly drop a comment below any of the posts if you do try any of the vendors or visit any of the restaurants.

Happy Valentine’s day in Advance.