Valentine’s Day in Lagos – 5 Affordable Valentine’s Date Ideas in Lekki


The official countdown to Valentine’s day has started and it is exactly 7 days to lovers day. If you are a frequent reader you will know, we always put together a guide every year suggesting Valentine’s date ideas in Lekki, Lagos.

This year, we are dividing our Vals day guide into three, the first is about affordable valentine’s date ideas in Lekki, Lagos and the other two will focus on restaurants and gift ideas.

Today’s post is for those thinking of other fun things to do in Lagos on Valentine’s day,  they are not only for Young people, there is something for everyone in this post.

  1. Trampoline Date  This is entirely different and new. In our last Lagos guide post, we recommended a new place called Upbeat centre. It is the first Trampoline centre in West Africa and we think couples can do something different by visiting Upbeat to Jump for love. On Valentine’s day, you will most likely not see children at the centre, so lovers can take advantage of this, Jump and laugh for atleast one hour. It is also a good way to build new memories about that time you spent your Valentine’s day Jumping without any care. They have an offer for Jump for love which comes with 2 Jump passes for only N3,000. The offer also comes with complimentary branded pictures while you are jumping for love. Let us know if you eventually try this out by tagging @livinginlekki in your IG post.
  2. Arcade parade Date
    Photocredit @rufusandbees_tw

    This is another different date idea and not so the typical. A while back, Arcade were mostly for the kids and teenagers. Nowadays, Adults also visit the Arcade to have as much fun as the kids are having. Did you know there is a new arcade fun centre in Lekki (Yippeee)? Rufus and bees is one of the latest hotspots in Lekki. There are so many games and things to do in this one place, you and bae will not get bored visiting this spot on Valentine’s day. It will definitely bring out the child in you which is a good way to spend your valentine’s day.

  3. Dance Date
    Photocredit @valsdancestudio

    This isn’t so new but we know more people have not opted for this option. Couples who are looking to do something different and want to have a romantic experience this valentine’s day can go for dance classes. Imagine slow dancing with your partner or learning how to dance salsa without a clue LOL. The dance classes are intimate and you both can get lost in your own world. If this option is for you check out Valsdancestudio, Bailamos Dance, Heatandheels or other dance classes in this post

  4. Kayaking Date – This is not new in Lagos but Kayaking date is definitely one idea to explore this valentine’s day. Kayaking is a relaxed water sport were you paddle and row away with your bae exploring the amazing scenery around Lekki and Ikoyi. You can go on a Kayaking date for at-least one hour and watch the sun set with your bae telling stories and no one will be there to disturb you. It is also an affordable date idea for 2. You can buy a pass for an hour for 2 people N5,000 at Abimbola’s place in Lekki

5. Chocolate tasting

Photocredit @losheschocolate

If your partner likes chocolates, we consider this a proper treat because we found a place in Lekki that produces Made in Nigeria chocolate ‘Loshes chocolates‘. You can walk in with your lover to sample different types of chocolates before selecting buying. It is a perfect treat if you are looking to do something small and not go all out for Valentine’s, their prices range from N2,500 and above.

Wine tasting is another cool idea you can visit a wine store like Le.connaisseur to taste a few wines before selecting the one perfect for your quiet Valentine’s day indoors ‘Just the two of you with your perfect wine’.

We also have some other affordable date ideas which includes Picnic at the park and more listed on a previous post here.

We would also like to know if you have any plans for this Valentine’s Day. Kindly drop a comment below or tweet at @Livinginlekki.

Cover photo – Image credit @valsdancestudio