Travel Thursday visiting farms in Odogbawojo, Epe – Tips for Visiting an Organic Farm


Hi Guys,

Our travel adventure continues as we share more from our last farm visit in Epe. Remember we extended our tour to farms in Lekki/Epe and it has been an interesting. A few weeks back, we went on a tour with Eweko concept to the new farm section at Odogbawojo, Epe to attend the Agricultural training they have going on with Agrihub. We learnt a lot about ‘Integrated Soil Fertility Management and Pest management’. It was a practical training session about organic farming, if you are interested reach out to @ewekoconcept or @agrihub on instagram.

We are sharing tips learnt from the organic farming session on what to do when visiting an organic farm.

  1. Organic farming does not involve using fertilisers or pesticides so when visiting a farm that practices organic farming. Take note not to use perfume before going as they are most likely going to attract bees and bees are not your friends.

2. Avoid wearing slippers and make sure you get rain boots for safety. There will be a lot of pests crawling around so to avoid being bitten or injuring your feet it is always safe to wear boots on the farm.

3. You need Hats like the ones you see northerns wear. Farmers wear them because of the sun and if you don’t want to go 5 shades darker after your farm visit you should go with a face cap or weave hats.

4. If you would be touching crops or plants make sure you have gloves on.

Finally you need to know farms are not located in places close to supermarkets or restaurants. Make sure you pack up your bags with loads of liquid to stay hydrated.

See more pictures from the Odogbawojo farm visit


This tips are going to be useful to those gearing up for our next Agro-tour in Epe.

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