IJGB Guide on Networking in Lekki, Lagos apart from Clubs & Bars


Hi Guys,

We are back sharing useful tips in Lekki and this time it is on networking in Lekki.
A few months one of our reader who just moved to Lagos asked us a question about places to meet people. We did not see it as meeting random people but it got us thinking about Networking in Lekki. Lekki is becoming more and more sociable, most people want to hang out and still meet new people.

We thought to share tips on places to meet people apart from the regular supermarkets, clubs or bar.

We would also be sharing the tips from our experience that will help. Before we start, Keep an open mind on meeting people and the places we will be recommending.

Here are a few recommendations on places to network or meet people in Lekki

  1. Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge – Lekki Ikoyi bridge is known as the hook up bridge. If you are new in Lekki and you want to meet people, we will recommend you include fitness into your daily or weekly routines. Fitness brings people together and you will get to see different people everyday who might end up inviting you to their fitfam crew. We also know a lot of popular people Jog on the bridge in the mornings and in the evenings so if you want to see popular faces you can famz them on the bridge. Saturday Mornings are also recommended.
  2. Gyms, Yoga Classes & Dance classes – We already mentioned Fitness brings people together especially when you share a common goal ‘Staying fit’. Overtime we have realized most people tend to meet new mates at Gyms, yoga classes or dance classes. There are a couple of youthful Gyms in Lekki (Check them out here), Also check out weekly activities in Lekki such as Yoga and dance classes you can join to meet new people (Check them out here). Also Salsa classes at La taverna, Yoga at Breathe studio and others. Click to locate via Map
  3. Coworking spaces and reading rooms – We know the purpose of co-working spaces is for working but they are similar to a proper working environment, they bring people together. In our experience, people with common interest tend to be more open to meeting each other in a familiar space. We have met a lot of decent people at Co-working spaces and also reading rooms in Lagos. For entrepreneurs, co-working spaces is a good option for meeting people with Like minds.
  4. Cafe’s and Coffee shops – This is common everywhere else but Nigeria. Coffee shops around here are decent and cool to meet people. We have met people at Cafe Neo, Minibees cafe, Bread lounge cafe and a couple of other good cafes in Lekki. Click here to check out the list of coffee shops in Lekki. 
  5. Sign up for Livinginlekki’s road trips – We often organize road trips to different part of Lekki to promote tourism and also our way of exposing people to what Lekki has to offer. The road trips also brings people together who are always interested in meeting with other people and they end up bonding during the trips. If you are looking to meet people and explore Lekki, Sign up for our upcoming trips via Email info@livinginlekki.com.
  6. Events in Lekki – If you follow our page on Instagram or a regular on the website, you will notice we always share free events happening in Lekki every weekend. If you are looking to meet new people, you should consider attending events especially if they are free. You will most likely meet people at these types of events; Games nights, fitness events, art exhibitions, sampling events, new store or restaurant openings and more. Follow us on Instagram to stage up to date.

Photocredit @Artbyoye on Instagram

Use our Lil map www.livinginlekki.com/places to locate all the places we have recommended. Also share your experience in the comment section below.