The Best wingstop in Lekki – Check out these places in Lagos


*Wingstop in Lekki*

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We are back with our *Best* lists offering the best of things being served up in Lekki and the usual is food. We have replaced FM with this list about the best wing’s place in Lekki, inspired by Foodie in Lagos’s post on the places they just wrote about.

Our post is highlighting the best wingstops we know in Lekki and yes they each have something good they are serving we actually like. We also recently visited one of the places which just opened up in Lekki and they also had an interesting offer.

  1. Wings and Sides *Turkey wings for a change*

We first came across Wings and sides on social media as one of the those out of home businesses offering wings in Lekki. We later came across their wings at an event and they told us they were actually opening up a stop in Lekki and sometime in December they did. We checked them out after the holidays comparing them to American wing-stop because of the variety they offered in terms of the flavours. They had different options for how spicy, savory or sweet you wanted your wings. What got us was the turkey wings for a change and it was very very interesting. It is the only place in Lagos we know that serves us turkey wings and we loved their Jerk spice along with the Chipotle bbq flavor. We also tried the spicy honey and Spicy garlic. If you are looking for really spicy options try the sucidial or the blazn hot. The turkey wings were more than filling and we ordered the 4 piece which cost N3600.

They also had the option for stuffed wings but it wasn’t available. For those on a budget, you should stop by in the evening and try out their family dinner of regular wings (8 and 2 sides) for N2,500.

2. Wingsville *For the love Suya wings*

We wrote about wingsville in a previous post. We became regulars at Wingsville after they won us over with their Suya wings and Jollof couscous. Don’t get it wrong it is not the same as the chicken Suya you eat at the Joints. The Suya wings at Wingsville is really good and it is also spicy, you can tell they marinate the wings so well. We have tried their other flavours (Curry, coconut and Lemon even the peppered) our favourite remains the Suya wings and the brother is a huge fan of the wings. They serve up 6 wings for N2000 and if you want a side it goes for N500. It is always a perfect combo when you try it with any of their sides, we recommend the stir fry wings or the Jollof couscous. It is one of our favourite wingstops in Lekki.

3. Bbq and Cravings *Spicy peppered and BBQ peppered wings*

I know most people would be surprised BBQ and cravings is on this list. Here is what you don’t know about BBQ and cravings, apart from the nice burgers they serve up really good grilled food (Chicken and turkey). We have written about them in the past and it is still one of the first places that comes to mind when we want to buy grilled chicken or turkey.

We are such huge fans of their spicy grilled chicken along with turkey combo, they offer the best spicy peppered chicken wings as well. Whenever we can’t do the drive we simply order and they charge N500 delivery to Lekki phase 1. The wings come with 2 sides and they combo is N4,000, either that or the chicken/turkey combo. If you have never been to BBQ and cravings you are definitely missing out on one of the best gems around here interns of food. It is definitely one of our favourite wing-stop in Lekki.

4. Urban Fuxon *BBq wings on the wheels*

Urban Fuxon remains the only proper food truck in Lagos. Most people on the island already know this is one of the few places to get food on the island late at night at their strategic location in Lekki and in VI on weekends. If you are looking for the quickest wings around here, we recommend their bbq wings at Urban Fuxion in Lekki. It is like fast food but without having to stall seating and it is definitely more affordable than they would offer at any restaurant. Their meals comes with a side and a drink and you can order to have it delivered to you.

5. Papas grill *Sweet and tangy wings*

Papa’s grill is relatively new in Lagos and they have expanded really fast with another branch on the Mainland. We visited their first location in Lekki sometime last year and tried out their sweet and tangy chicken wings on a solo night. We really liked the wings and thought it wasn’t too sweet, it had a very different taste we just couldn’t place it. We have gone back a few times and it is definitely on our list of places to grab good wings around here.

Click on the names of the wingstops to locate them on our customised map Here

Are there other spots not mentioned on this list you think serve up good wings? Kindly drop the name and reasons why in the comment section below.