Takeout; Lemon, Pineapple pepper, Coconut curry wings at Wingsville in Lekki, Lagos


Hello Guys,

It has been a while.

We hope had a good weekend and the rain/flood did not get the best of anyone.

Our first post this week happened to be a food sampling post in Lekki. This evening while driving around Lekki, we stopped by Hedges and smith plaza to get regular chops. We noticed something different, a corner spot we never noticed.

We spotted their sign board displaying wings and some other interesting options. As usual we always ask if they actually have the things listed and to our surprise they did. They had different wings flavor, couscous, sweet potato fries and more.

We placed an order for Lemon pepper wings, pineapple wings, buffalo wings and coconut curry wings alongside Jollof couscous. The couscous was very affordable at N500 while the 8 pieces of wings cost N2000.

The order was ready in less than 20 minutes. It was pretty quick considering since they only offer takeaway. We would rate their customer service pretty high atleast when we checked them out. Their service was good, we also have not tried their delivery option. We heard they are adding more options to their menu this weekend, it will be a good time to order from them and get it delivered.

They gave us a free side being a first time customer ‘Sweet potato fries’. The couscous portion was moderate and it was spicy, garnished with green and red pepper. If you eat a lot you will definitely want to order an extra portion or a second side. The coconut curry wings was surprisingly our best followed by the pineapple pepper, the buffalo wings was basic. The lemon pepper was a tricky one, it tasted over spiced and we couldn’t really place the lemon taste compared to other flavors.

What we had & Where

Lemon pepper wings, pineapple wings, buffalo wings and coconut curry wings – N2000

Jollof couscous – N500

Have you ordered from @WingsvilleNG in Lekki or tried any of their wings options? Share your experience in the comment section below.

Pictures taken with Infinix Note 4.