Simple Life & Chicken Feisty at Nuli Lounge in Lekki


Hi Guys,

We went scouting last weekend to check out new places in Lekki and we found ‘Nuli lounge’ located inside BLD By Play.

Nuli Juices is the latest addition to the healthy spots in Lekki. We stopped by to have a quick lunch exploring their meal options and also their organic Juices.

See pictures below from the quick lunch of Simple life Juice & Chicken feisty nanni wrap at Nuli Lounge.

Nuli Juice in lekki IMG_20170128_181920 IMG_20170128_181913 IMG_20170128_181949


Nuli has a very simple food menu (Salad, wraps and light meals). It is expected for an healthy spot. They had a bit of variety especially with the salad and very little options for light meals (Couscous, quinoa).

The waitress attending to us recommended a few of their specials and she was so so sure we would like it even though. She recommend the wraps and also the couscous. The wrap are called Naaninis, we ordered the Feisty chicken made with chicken tikka.

It was different from the regular healthy light wrap and then ordered the Simple life cold pressed juice ‘carrots, lemon, ginger and pineapple’

We had to wait for a while because they had not supplied the Lekki outlet from their head office which took about 15 minutes. The wrap took another 10 minutes to prepare.

First impression it looked heavy which meant it would be really filling, also the wrap was really juicy and very oily. It tasted really nice but we are not big fans of very juicy wraps. When we asked the waitress why it was oily she said it was the Mayo sauce and she could reduce it the next time.

The feisty chicken wrap was very good but we are not sure if wraps that are that oily can be for fitfams.

What we had & Where

Simple Life Juice – N500

Feisty chicken wrap – N1,500


Nuli at BLD By play Lekki (Click to locate in Map)

Have you been to Nuli, tried any of their meals or Juices? Share your experience in the comment section below