Shawarma Battle – Best Shawarma in Lekki


Dear shawarma lovers,

The battle is on for the best shawarma spot in Lekki from Lekki phase 1 to Ajah. There are so many shawarma joints around lekki, lagos it is so hard to tell which is really good and also consistent. There are a few places in lagos we can mention are always consistent with their shawarma mostly places in surulere.

For Lekki, I have tried a couple of places. I remember how good lekki shawarma (Wole olateju street) used to be and how E-bar‘s shawarma had the rave at some point including Abe igi as well. I also liked 01 shawarma as well for a bit.

Anyways for the lekki shawarma battle I have narrowed it down to two places. This doesn’t mean that some other places are not good but based on my opinion and the rave the two shawarma spots are sphinx shawarma in Ikota and Tito’s shawarma at Ebeano.

sphinx shawarma lekki 2

For those that have lived in Lekki for a long time, you might be familiar with Sphinx shawarma in ikota (same company as the shawarma joint at Mega plaza in Victoria island). The spot is managed by a lebanese (yoruba speaking) guy who has been in Nigeria for a long time.

Sphinx shawarma lekki 1


Fyi – Lebanese people make some of the best shawarmas ever. I have eaten sphinx’s shawarma a couple of times also anytime I am around chevron or Ajah.

sphinx shawarma lekki 4


I always make sure I stop by they are consistent with how spicy and yummy their shawarma is also affordable standard shawarma price.

Ebeano Shawarma 3

Ebeano in Lekki phase 1 has the rave for how their shawarma is. The supermarket doesn’t own the shawarma spot ‘the name of the spot is Tito’s shawarma.

Ebeano Shawarma 2

I am not really a big fan but I think their shawarma isn’t bad. I have had way better ones in Lekki 1(Not comparing) plus it is inevitable to drive into the compound and not stop by the smell stalks (Marketing strategy). Anyways without saying too much, I will leave it up to you guys.

Tito’s shawarma at Ebeano in Lekki. Photocredit @eatdrinklagos

Ebeano or Sphinx shawarma in Ikota. If you think there are other places in Lekki that you think their shawarma is really good and consistent please share.


  1. I love Sphinx Shawarma. I first had it in 2011 or 2012 and didnt go back there for a long time till this year. I think the dude is really consistent. Taste is amazing, spice is just right. Size is a bit small but I’m not a heavy eater so it works for me.

    The Shawarma at Ebeano though. Tastes great. I think it’s usually stewed, different from the regular. I like that it’s really filling, so usually when I eat it I cant eat anything else and it saves me money (Yes I said it).

    I wish it was a tie, but I think I’d still do Sphinx. It’s easy on the taste buds and on the stomach.

  2. Lekki sharwama was d best for me but I dont go there anymore but I would love to try the one at ikota just because it is the same as thaat at mega plaza which I love.

  3. Great post as always. However we need an update on the best Shawarma in Lekki, given the new places that have opened and others that have closed. Look forward to it 🙂