Road Trip Adventure in Lekki – Exploring Epe Fish Market


We recently started taking road trips in order to get more familiar with our environment. If you read last week’s post on facts about Lekki – we stated that Epe was one of the local governments under Lekki and last weekend we explored a bit of Epe visiting the famous Epe fish market.

Epe fish market 5

The Epe fish market is situated close to Epe lagoon in the northern part of Lekki. People have no idea how big the area is. The trip to Epe took about 40minutes from Lekki phase 1 so it turned to be not so bad, as people make it sound because of the traffic. Once you get past Ajah roundabout it is free all the way down on lekki epe express way.

It was really exciting visiting the fish market, People can even buy fresh fish (Titus, catfish and more) from the market. I was not able to take as many pictures as I wished because my camera had some issues, but I had a beautiful experience. see pictures from the fish market.

Epe fish market 6 Epe fish market 4

Epe fish market 3 Epe fish market Epe fis Epe fish market 7

It was really cool to see massive sized fish from the market. For those who don’t know their way around the market, there are tour guides (Women) who can take you around and help you locate the things you want. Just like every market in Lagos you have to be sharp. They also have other seafoods at the market fresh from the lagoon. The lagoon looked cleaner than makoko and people could go on the canoe around the lagoon. This, I will definitely try the next time I go to the market.

Epe Fish Market ->Click to Locate our

We will be going on more road trips and if you will like to join us please send a mail


  1. nice one, by the way, have you visited other places in Epe, like the villages? I would like some information on the scenery and the kinds of buildings there…