Review – Sweet Potatoe mash with stir fry chicken veggies at Wanneka’s Lounge in Lekki


Hi Guys,

We uncovered a new spot which opened up in Lekki last month.

The new spot is very close us in Lekki Phase 1 and we spotted them last week. We also checked them out on Instagram to get a contact number but Like most businesses around they did not pick up.

So on Sunday morning we took to the road looking for a new place to have breakfast 10am, they happened to be one of 5 places open at that time. We will definitely put up a post about this in the near future.

The new spot is ‘Wanneka’s lounge & Grill‘ and this is what we had for Brunch at the new lounge. 


 The outdoor lounge is the first place you will walk into entering the building. The outdoor lounge is so so cool, it is probably one of the best around. They also had the swing chair which seemed pretty cool for relaxing outdoor. We will definitely recommend hanging out at the outdoor lounge in the morning/afternoon, it will most likely be packed in the evening.

We went inside to check out the restaurant space and the other mini rooms in the building. The deco is impressive, we counted about 6 mini rooms with different names (This might be a good place to host small parties). We went onto their menu. The waiters were not helpful with the menu and what they had to offer. The manager was able to help but he was more focused on the buffet starting by noon. Their breakfast menu is almost non-existent, 3 options which seemed like a reputation. They had healthy breakfast that wasn’t actually healthy.

The chef was also helpful he recommended options but they did not have anything apart from English breakfast e.g No pancakes or waffle e.t.c. He recommended their house special steamed veggies with chicken breast and we ordered sweet potato mash on the side.

Fresh juice option was also very limited and they kept saying they only have smoothies, we ended up getting fresh pineapple juice with ginger.

They served the food about 25 minutes later. The presentation seemed basic, the chef mentioned it will be actual chicken breast but we got chicken strips which did not taste nice. The broccoli was Yellow we figured it was the seasoning they used for the stir fry. The mash was perfect and the white sauce as well.

The fresh Juice was nice until we realized the ginger had a lot of particles from the skin which was most likely not peeled off well.

We will not recommend what we ate at the lounge but the lounge is worth a visit.

Have you been to Wanneka’s lounge or had any meals there (Buffet, Calabar kitchen or others), Share your experience in the comment section below.