Review – Northern chops at Clay food shop in Lekki, Lagos


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We have stalled this post for a month we feel so bad. This new spot was discovered during Ramadan and it was an exciting discovery.

Today’s post is about Lekki’s first Northern spot which happens to offer all the Nigerian northern food/chops ‘Clay food shop

We first found out about this place when they started stocking at Green grill house (Fura, Tigernuts milk and others). We eventually went exploring on Instagram and they started advertising proper meals, which meant they offered more than the drinks we spotted at GGH. During Ramadan, we stopped by their shop a few times to try out their chops options.

See pictures of what we had at Clay food shop.


We thought they sold proper food based on what we saw on Instagram. At their store, they only offered Maasa with suya chicken kebab. They mentioned you needed to pre-order the grilled fish but a couple of the options on Instagram were not available for pre-order as well.

We tried the Maasa and thought it was nice. First time trying out the real Hausa Maasa, our folks thought it was not sweet. Apparently the modern day Maasa has a lot of Sugar but this had little. It was fluffy and looked like a delightful snack.

The chicken kebab was very spicy and nice, we have been back 3 times for them. The Ginger and lemon drink was surprisingly good but we assumed it had no sugar. The attendants told us it had sugar after we came back the 2nd time to buy it. It was good but nothing compared to fresh ginger and lemon Juice.

We wanted to try out Damwake since we heard so much about it but they only had the powder mix. They had other northern chops such as Dambu ‘Shredded chicken or beef snack, baobab, they also sold northern spices. They had Fura, tiger nut milk (No sugar), Zobo and others.

In general, We enjoyed their masa and chicken kebab combo but it is definitely not a place to visit when looking for proper meal options.

What we had & Where

Maasa & Chicken – N1,500

Lemon & Ginger Snapper – N700

Fura – N700

Click to locate ‘Clayfoodshop‘ via our Lekki Map Here

Have you been to Clay food shop or tried any of their northern chops, kindly share your experience in the comment section below.