Review I Cinnamon rolls at Vanilla Bakehouse and Strawberry Cheesecake at Lecker Cafe in Lekki, Lagos


Hi Guys,

Today’s post is a review of the new treat spots we recently discovered in Lekki. It really made us feel Lekki was our own mini Paris with the sweet treat cafe’s around.

We consider both treats we discovered as sinful but yummy. The first treat is from Vanilla Bakehouse ‘Cinnamon rolls’ which reminded most of us about Cinnabon’s signature treat as well.

Vanilla Bake house was on our radar for a while, so we finally got to try out their cinnamon rolls and we got it served in 4 different flavors. We had the caramel, vanilla, Oreos and the classic cinnamon rolls.

They advised us getting all the toppings in one box would be too much but we wanted them all. The Oreos and caramel were so so amazing we did not share and made sure we ate up every last bit of the roll. It was perfect and this is the only place we know that serves up really good cinnamon rolls in Lagos.

Moving onto the 2nd treat; We walked into Lecker cafe which is extremely hidden but close to the waterside in Lekki Phase 1. They had a mini stall with desserts displayed. We spotted cream caramel, cheesecake, Tres Lexhe, coconut cake and also carrot cake. They had a good mix and this was on a public holiday. Their cafe space was still under construction so we selected a few treats and decided to seat at the space outside to glide to mint tea, carrot cafe topped with cream and Chocolate as well as the strawberry cheesecake.

The carrot cake was different however we are not fans of chocolate toppings with carrot cake, the cream was fine. We think they should have stopped there because it made the cake really sweet.

The strawberry cheesecake was really good. It is not everyday you see a proper cheesecake with a lot of strawberry toppings and other fruits. It was really good.

What we had & Where

Cinnamon roll box of 4 from Vanilla Bake house – N3500

Carrot cake from Lecker cafe – N300

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Have you had Cinnamon rolls or any other pastry from Vanilla Bake House or Lecker Cafe? Share your experience in the comment section below