Review – The Fish Lady, Tape and Tilapia fish in Lekki


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We took a little break but we made it back in time to get your December plans ready.

Today’s post was inspired by our Cameroonian friend, whom we told about the Cameroonian food options in Lagos and he couldn’t believe it. Which leads us to how we found the Cameroonian food place in Lekki (Here). There is another pop up spot serving up a similar Cuisine but this time they served up the real Cameroonian style fish ‘Tilapia’ with the mashed plantain we love. We learnt a few things from them as well, the name of different types of plantain options in their native language ‘Mashed plantain is Tape, Mondo is fried and Bole is grilled plantain.

The Fish Lady has been on our radar for a while, we always share weekend events and she always has this popup weekends at Stranger Lagos. This very weekend we were craving something different as always so we decided to try out the fish lady while everyone was busy at the fashion week. events.

We had Tilapia with Tape and it was served with coleslaw and pepper sauce. The Fish was huge, we thought we paid for the smaller option but apparently it still comes big. The Tape ‘Mashed plantain’ wasn’t as exciting as the first time we had it, we think they used overripe plantain so it was soft. It still tasted nice as we dug into the fish. We are not huge fans of fish but the fish tasted so good, we finished it. The fish was really really good. The Coleslaw had onions in it so we did not eat it.

The Portion was definitely worth more than the amount we paid. The fish was huge and we will try the Bole with it the next time we visit the fish Lady in Lekki.

What we had & Where

Tilapia Fish & Mashed Plantain – N5000


The Fish Lady (Stranger Lagos)

Have you attended the Fish Lady’s popups at Stranger Lagos? Share your experience in the comment section below.