Review – Experiencing Traditional arts at Theatre Republic in Lekki, Lagos


We had a rather familiar arts experience in Lekki, we appreciate our culture and arts helps to promote that. Also, as a theatre fan we are always on the look out to explore more in Lagos.

The popular theatre’s Muson, Terra Kulture, National Theatre and recently freedom park are the known for stage plays. A theatre opened at waterside side in Lekki ‘Lekki waterside theatre’ 2 years ago but they couldn’t sustain it over time so they closed down.

We discovered another theatre last year by one of the popular theatre companies in Lagos, we have also seen a lot of their plays over the years. They started promoting their own plays at their new theatre in Lekki ‘Theatre republic‘ and we recently checked them out to see a stage play showing at their theatre.

Theatre – The theatre is as traditional as it can get. If you are into theatre you might have done a little research or watched Yoruba movies on how they used to have the seatings during festivals in Villages or weekends, where everyone is seated around wooden chair with talking drums, shekere’s and more. The theatre had the whole feel of a proper Yoruba theatre in the hut and everything is wooden. It was pretty cool experiencing a traditional theatre except the crowd isn’t as much and the space can seat a limited number of people.

Play ‘Prison Chronicles’ – We watched ‘the prison chronicles’ a stage play about 4 prisoners on death row in cell block B. The banker, the fraudster, the policeman and the cold hearted killer all locked up due to the state of the country. The prison was a private one managed by a soldier and his wife who got the contract from the government to cater to the needs of prisoners in the Prison. They sang alot and brought up issues that lead them to being locked up. In the end, the cold hearted killer escaped by luring the Soldiers wife into his cell, getting her drunk and exchanging cloths with her. It was a very realistic stage play with a good humor.

The theatre is open weekends and they have new plays every month showing every weekend. If you are looking for a fancy theatre you won’t get the experience at theatre republic, but if you are a true theatre lover looking to see a good play. It is worth checking out.


What we watched & Where

The prison Chronicles – N3000


Theatre Republic in Lekki (1B Mike Adegbite Avenue Lekki Phase 1) Click to Locate in Map

Have you been to theatre republic or seen a stage play at the republic? Kindly share your experience in the comment section below