Review – 10 Supermarkets for your Grocery shopping in Lekki, Lagos I Supermarkets in Lekki


Hi Guys,

This post is in Collaboration with @ReviewNaija who came up with the idea of suggesting and reviewing supermarkets around Lekki for those who are stuck on the popular ones. Also there are new supermarkets popping around these days and most people don’t know which ones to trust for good prices, original products, variety e.t.c

Lil and Review Naija will be doing a breakdown of 5 – 10 supermarkets and our views based on experience shopping at each one of them.

Prince Ebeano Supermarket –  The popular Ebeano has been around for a long time from their first store on Hilary Onurogbu street to the Mega shopping compound now located on Admiralty way. It is the one stop place to get almost everything in Lekki phase 1. For you to shop at Ebeano you must be a patient shopper, there is hardly parking space. Their village market offers really good prices on vegetables and you can generally get good prices on products. @ReviewNaija Ebeano is very messy.

Daytona Supermarket – The first 24 hours Supermarket and pharmacy in Lekki phase 1. They have almost everything except fruits or vegetables. The best time to go to Daytona is late at night or very early in the morning. They also sell alcohol. @ReviewNaija There’s never parking & I like that they are open 24/7 but its a pharmacy and I wont go there for groceries.

Ny Supermarket –  Relatively new supermarket located on Admiralty way in Lekki Phase 1. The first time we entered the store they had just opened and barely stocked up. Now they sell everything including vegetables and also have a butchery at the back. They also have a Shawarma & kebab stand but then it is operated by non-Nigerians which reminds us of UK corner shops but this is bigger. Also noticed they sell shisha and they are open till 11pm at night. @ReviewNaija I like NY but they don’t have alcohol & I think their prices are high.

Citydia Supermarket – We featured Citydia when they opened as another 24hours supermarket in Lekki. Their prices were amazingly affordable in the beginning because they had their own brands imported at better prices. However due to the FX fluctuation most product prices have continued to change and go up, we also noticed their assortments reduced overtime. They have everything including fruits and vegetables and also sell fresh bread at their bakery. They are still considered as one of the most affordable supermarkets in Lagos. @ReviewNaija their yam price seems to be the cheapest according to everyone

Trebet Supermarket – Another new supermarket which can easily be forgotten. We have only been there twice and most times we drive past it without remembering a supermarket exists there. They sell everything including Alcohol. @ReviewNaija I am a regular at Tebet supermarket.

Grandex Supermarket – The newest of them all is located on Fola Osibo street. We consider Grandex as the IJGB’s supermarket, it is fairly big. Observation is they sell a lot of imported products which means variety but then imported products don’t come cheap. It means you will pay extra to get those types of products that are not seen in the regular supermarket. It can be a turn off for the average Lagos shopper. On the plus side they have almost everything neatly arranged for now LOOL. @Reviewnaija They I like the store, they offer good prices on toiletries and they have kirkland products.

Other supermarkets

Groceries n more – Read about the supermarket on a previous post Here

Kenzo Supermarket – Located off Admiralty way, the supermarket is hidden in-between BLD & KFC. They offer good prices on bottle water we noticed one in particular. They also have variety but then again they are hidden so most people don’t know about them.

Trimart – Yet another 24 Hours supermarket we mentioned on a previous post (Here)

Stop shop – Located at Ascon oil supermarket. They have everything including Alcohol but their prices are not as affordable on some items. They are usually open very early. Post mention HERE

Adiba Supermarket – The supermarket is located opposite Daytona.

Have you shopped at any of these supermarkets or have a preference as to which you would shop at? Kindly drop your comments below.