Photos: Lil Road Trip to Lekki Conservation Centre & Craft Market in Lekki



Last weekend was another interesting one because we had our road trip and it went well.

We had to change the venue last minute but that did not stop the plan we had for our road trip crew.

Road trip took off on time from Lekki phase 1 to Lekki conservation. The weather was perfect and our crew members where warned up and ready until we hit the long walk to the savannah area at Lekki Conservation. It took about 15 minutes which already drained a lot of the crew members.


We settled and everyone loved the ambiance at the savannah area. We had mini breakfast packed up courtesy of Greengrill house (Mini parfait) Greek yogurt and cranberry with coconut toppings.

While we waited for the yoga session to start everyone moved around taking pictures and also checking out the different games at the area. The tilapia fish pond was definitely an attraction with the colours glowing.

The Yoga session at the park started and lasted for about an hour before the peaceful park became noisy.


lilroadtrip-yoga-11 yoga-9 yoga-8 yoga-7 lilroadtrip-yoga-10


We moved on to have lunch with the healthy green juices courtesy of Simply green Juices. The healthy yummy lunch from one of our partners won everyone’s heart especially the grilled chicken wrap and the quiche.

We went round the park spotted the monkey’s and the peacocks. The monkeys were playing at their park.



After lunch we took more pictures and everyone headed over to the longest canopy walk in Africa at Lekki Conservation Centre. The canopy walk is about 401 meters long and it has 7 levels.


Even though the canopy walk seemed scary it was only for the brave who did the nature walk and also enjoyed the view from the levels. The view from all levels was really amazing even the sea view, the canopy walk at the highest level is 22.5 meters above the forest and sea level.


canopy-walk-lilroadtrip-end canopy-walk-3 canopy-walk canopy-walk-lilroadtrip



canopy-walk-bridge-view backpacking-canopy-walk views-from-canopy-walk seaview-lilroadtrip

After the canopy walk we headed out to Lekki Arts and craft market for the 2nd tour of the day. The market is filled with loads and loads of artefacts so everyone was able to explore jewellery, paints and more.


We also realised that the Economy had a lot of effects on the prices and the shop owners where not smiling with the prices. The crew had fun at the market checking out the different hand made goods.

lilroadtrip-lekki-market-5 lilroadtrip-lekki-market-4 lilroadtrip-lekki-market-3

lekki-market-lilroadtrip-2 lekki-market-lilroadtrip-3 lilroadtrip-lekki-market-6

If you missed this road trip you could sign up for the next trip coming up on the 26th of December. Send a mail to