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Hello Guys,

*Dancing shoki* It’s friday! Even though it seems like a regular work day. The roads are empty and that is a bit scary because of this whole ‘buy petrol today and not sell tomorrow’, this kinda life can be really annoying. Well, I already have petrol that can last but still I want to move around this weekend without worrying about the traffic.

So, today’s post is about all my arts and craft discoveries in Lekki, I have been going around exploring arts in Lekki and it has lead me to some really cool places. Remember the arts and craft market in Lekki? I discovered jewelry and the topmost art gallery in Lekki (Nike art gallery). From all my discoveries I would say that lekki isn’t doing bad in terms of arts and culture even though it migrated here. Last weekend I attended an exhibition by Yetunde Ayeni – Babaeko and peju alatise at boconcept Lekki and at the of this month there is also another exhibition at stranger lagos in Lekki.

If you are into arts and craft here are the go-to places for arts/crafts and culture in Lekki

Nike Art Gallery

No 2, Elegushi Beach Road, Lekki, Nigeria

Nike art gallery 3

Founded in 2008 in Lekki, it is pretty much the biggest gallery I have seen in Lagos. It is a building that was created to worship arts and Nigerian culture and I absolutely love it. I went to the gallery to take some pictures this weekend for this post and it was so so amazing, I met the owner again (She is a Lekki resident). Walking into the gallery will inspire you and make you really proud of your culture (If you’re yoruba). Everything from paints, drawings, steels crafts and also traditional cravings can be found there. I felt like I could connect with the environment and the pieces also what the place stood for (FYI – They sang a yoruba lagos song for me as an moo Eko) See pictures from the gallery;

Nike art gallery 2 Nike art gallery 4


Nike art gallery 5

Lekki Arts & Craft Market

Oba Elegushi Arts & Craft Market, Jakande Lekki

lm 7

You must have heard stories about these places but you won’t understand until you pay a visit. It is almost unbelievable but yeah, I am proud of the amount of creativity around me. The market is not your typical market but more modern like you will find in other countries, if you understand art and are looking for different unique craft items this is the market to go. They make a lot of the art and crafts there e.g butterfly skin paintings (I probably touched more animals in the market than I have ever done in my life). So, they use animal skins for some of the deco’s (Butterfly, Zebra, snake and more). My second time at the market went with Berry Dakara (check out her post about her experience at the market). One advice for Lil readers about the market is don’t be deceived by how organized the market is, still go hard on pricing to get a good bargain. I found really nice cravings made with steel as well and so much I can’t explain but show in the pictures below.

LM 3
lm 8Made with Banana leaves ‘Super creative’ 


lm 6

Deco’s made from Butterfly wings ‘Amazingggg’

Lm 1

Stranger Lagos

No 5 Hakeem Dickson street Lekki Phase 1

Now, I know you will be surprised because I mention stranger lagos a lot for food (Lunch at stranger) but as you might not know, it is actually a concept store (Fashion, arts and others). So, from time to time they organize exhibitions there and last year during the lagos photo festival I visited to see the exhibition and there is a another one coming up this month from 30th of May by photographer Kadara Enyeasi called L’ouverture.

Regalo (Centro Mall Lekki)

Regalo 25 Regalo 18 Regalo 24

bo 1

Other places like boconcept have started hosting art exhibitions as an urban furniture store, which I think is also very cool and creative of them because they are telling a story in a different way. I saw the arts meet design exhibition last week and thought it was amazing, I remember the frames where yetunde had changing faces which was inspired by her dads sickness. Made me realize we have so much talent in this country we don’t know it. The exhibition is showing until the end of this month at boconcept in Lekki.

bo 2

PS; These are some of the things you can do for free in Lekki (Looking is free -Heard that at the arts and craft market LOOOOL)

 Share your thoughts and experience on Lekki for arts and also if you have visited any of the places mentioned in the post. I would love to hear from you in the comment section below



  1. Olammide, TY so much for sharing your knowledge of Lekki. You have really opened my eyes so much. I just want you to know how much I appreciate your blog. Nko rere fun e!

  2. Hi Olammide

    Nice blog you’ve got here. Thanks for sharing information about Lekki. Sorry to digress but I’ve got a quick question. I intend moving back home and went asking folks in Lagos about the best place to get an accommodation. Friends over here say Lekki is a good place to live however friends at home in Lagos don’t quite agree because they say one doesn’t get light, no water, floods, traffic etc.

    Seeing that you’ve lived in Lekki for quite a while now, what would be your advice for those returning home and would like to do the same?


    • Hi Soph,

      Thank you, Living in lekki is different from other parts of Lagos and being honest, it has the same issues like most parts of Nigeria. Traffic is inevitable in Lagos but I know how to move around and somedays it is same old. Flooding really depends on the part of Lekki you are looking at because Lagos state government is really working hard and implementing drainage system but rainy season can be pretty bad everywhere in Lagos. Bad electricity really sucks living in Lagos and in Lekki as well it can be at times. I would say that moving to Lagos depends a lot on your budget and the enviroment (Being comfortable), I wouldn’t trade living in lekki for other parts of lagos because of the environment. Lekki is now a mixture of residential and commercial which in my books can be good.

      Please send me a mail if you would like me to recommend parts of Lekki you might be interested in.

      Thank You for stopping by

  3. Hi Soph, I just came back home and I live in Lekki Phase 1 so I want to give you first hand experience. Public power is almost non existent in my hood. Other things depend on what area you live in. For example, we have public water 24/7 on my street. This was probably not previously so as I have neighbors that still buy water or that only use their borehole. Water used to be erratic until the recent commisioning of the Lekki Penninsula IPP (independent power project). As for flooding, make sure you rent during rainy season, not all areas are flooded. Is there anywhere in Lagos that is free from traffic jams? My verdict – I wouldn’t swap living in Lekki for anywhere else. Caveat – I’ve only been back for 4 months.

    • Hi Tibit,

      Thank you for the feedback, I agree with you and like I said there is no part of lagos that is perfect. I am very comfortable living in lekki and I know it is not perfect. For example, Traffic I have learnt to time manage that because I hate getting stuck in traffic.

      Thank you for stopping by 🙂