New Open’s at first glance – Restaurant, Supermarket, Healthy Bar & more


A lot new places opening up in Lekki, the excited explorer visited some of this places and here is what we have to say.

La Boucherie ‘Meat Shop’

8 Furi Ezimora Street, Lekki Phase 1.

La boucherie lekki 3

The meat shop opened up last sunday and I must say it is impressive to see a place like this in Lagos. The meat shop is well decorated and stocked up with a lot of meat ‘duh’ they import their meat and supply some places in lagos. I think the concept is interesting, they also have an outdoor barbecue

space and indoor for fine dinning with different wine selection. I think it is supercool, at first glance I am definitely going back to try the barbecue with their wine selection.

La boucherie lekki 4 La boucherie lekki 2 La boucherie lekki 1

Majik Juice

Opposite Ascon oil, Admiralty way by Lekki-ikoyi link bridge Lekki phase 1

Majik juice lekki 2

Another healthy bar opened up on Admiralty way 3 weeks ago, not as stocked up as other healthy bar spots in lekki phase 1. They are still working on a lot but you can build your own salad, get smoothies and wraps. I like their concept and their brand colors are popping this allows you to spot them easily because of how close they are to the link bridge. At first glance, I thought their smoothies prices where a bit steep this was my first thought. However, I will like to try their wraps one of these days.

Majik juice lekki 3 Majik juice lekki 1

Citydia Supermarket Lekki

No 9 Otunba Adedoyin Ogungbe Crescent Lekki Phase 1

Citydia lekki 3

One of the new 24hours store in lekki phase 1, which is another cool thing happening around. The store had its official launching last weekend in lekki being the first store in lagos, I stopped by to see what I could buy and I noticed a lot of their products are being stocked. Citydia is a spanish brand and they make a lot of their own groceries as well. At first glance shopping at the store was a bit confusing, I tried to buy chocolate but they did not have kit-kat, they mostly stocked their own brands and all their brand items had spanish descriptions. The only thing written in english was the name of the chocolate. It is just like tesco’s and others so they stock their own brand and other brands. I think the concept is still cool, adding to the 24hours store list in Lekki.

Citydia lekki 4 Citydia Lekki 1

Mimz Lounge/Restaurant

Durosimi Etti drive, opposite carol court before dowen college junction Lekki phase 1

Mimz lounge lekki 3

I have been on the look out for this spot because they have been working on the building for a while. Finally they launched 30th of september and I decided to check it out with my friends last weekend. First thing I noticed was the view (Which I always knew) really nice view because of the building structure there is a terrace. The outdoor space was pretty cool as well, we checked out the restaurant and it was a surprise because I assumed it was a proper restaurant. The restaurant space downstairs looked more like a fast-food  (very similar to another in lekki). We checked out the menu their price was cool for a fast food. I will like to visit at night to enjoy the view from the terrace.

Mimz lounge lekki 1

Which of this new places have you visited in lekki? Share your comments below