New Open’s at First Glance in Lekki


Happy Sunday,

Hope you are soaking into your weekend well with things to do and events to attend. I got a wake up call this morning and almost had no choice but to get up to conclude my plans for today. Anyways I had a very busy week, hence why I am catching up with you on a sunday *Weird*

So during the week, I scouted for new places in lekki that had just opened- shoutout to Instagram for the update on the new places. This is an introductory post and I am doing this because I feel like sharing with you my thoughts on checking the places out. Not a proper review but I will definitely be visiting one of the spots to do a proper review because it is interesting. Also 2 of these places opened up this weekend.

Farmers Place Lekki 

18a Fola Osibo Street Lekki Phase 1 (Official Launch Today)

A fresh food grocery store more like those types you will see in city markets in London, Newyork (Well arranged). Modern market setting, so I stopped by this week to check them out and it looked really cool at first glance, they where still stocking up. This is one place I will love to shop (Expect review soon). I couldn’t take full pictures because they where still setting but here are some pictures of items available at the store.

Newopens 1 Newopens 4

Cake Culture and Confectioneries 

11, Kayode Otitoju Street Off Admiralty Road Lekki Phase 1.

I saw on instagram that the spot opened last saturday and I was like hey this will be cool. I love confectioneries and to be you can never have enough options around you as long as you pick favorites from each spot. So I went looking and I was amazed when i found the place, I wasn’t sure it was the same place.. I kept checking Instagram like is this really the place. Looked more like a corner store and the presentation wasn’t impressing at first glance. I scooped through what they had on display and I was stunned (Looked cold and not nicely presented). Then I began asking questions and the attendant barely knew anything apart from how she tried pronouncing croissant…*hush Hush* So inside they have a food section for African food and what was on display wasn’t encouraging at all. I wanted to buy something but at first glance what I saw changed my mind. Not sure if I will be going back to try the confectioneries  though. This was another lesson for me that all that glitters on instagram is not gold
newopens 3

Newopens 2

Feferreti Food Court 

Adebayo Doherty Lekki Phase 1

A former supermarket got renovated into a mini shopping mall just at the intersection of Chris Maduikwe and Adebayo Doherty. It is one of the new opens and sometime in April I stopped by to check them out the first week because I saw that the food court was open. The food court had 3 sections pastries, chinese food and Africa food also had a sitting area. At first glance the court looked well put together but then looking at the food I was like okkkkkk plus the prices where slightly higher than most fast foods around which I mentioned to them. I know the idea is for people to have variety but the price though, I mentioned I was going to go back to try the food but I am yet to visit am guessing it was because I wasn’t impressed at first glance.

Cookie Jar 

20, Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1

The confectionery store that moved to lekki opening their first ever outlet in January has re-opened their interactive bakery this weekend. This is good news for me because I love their cupcakes and muffins including all the yummy treats they have been serving up on instagram for the lekki bakery. I am stopping by today to take some pictures but at first glance driving by and being an old customers I am always excited to go there.

Have a great sunday


  1. Olamide or whatever you call your senseless self….were you expecting to see a duplex for cake culture or was it stated on Instagram that it was a mansion.A young girl who worked hard to get a cute and chilled place and runs her 40kva generator 12hrs a day to satisfy customers and earn a living and you come on your blog to write a ‘cornerstone’ . You claim to know places in the UK, USA etc and yet you are clueless that the size of a store does not make the name but what you sell. You failed to let every1 know you got there after closing hours,8pm to be precise.
    Yes the main attendant had closed by 7pm and you met one of the new staff who is under going training and you come on here to make noise. What’s wrong if you speak to the owner regarding your observations but instead you try to close some1’s passion and means of livelihood.
    About 30 people walk in there daily and none have ever complained, follow ups with the customers are also done to improve as its a new business.
    You are definitely right,all that glitters is not gold…you just defined yourself and am highly disappointed with this write up,to think you were actually wise but you just showed how inexperienced you are.
    People will from today refer to your blog as a useless corner stone for doing this to a sister and a friend.
    Dear readers kindly visit the store yourself and be the judge am sure you will stop reading this misleading blog who is owned by some1 who looks down at small beginnings that are not so small.

    • Hi Sandra,

      I went to the store at almost 7pm on a wednesday. I got there tried talking to the girl but she wasn’t of much help and I asked for the owner or the manager. The girl said the owner was not around and she went in to get the manager but came back saying the manager was not around either.

      When I meant all that glitters is not gold has nothing to do with ‘corner store’ It was about what I saw on Instagram – the pastry pictures to the actual pastries at the store did not look the same.

      I was not looking down on your business in anyway and only stated the fact about what I saw at first glance going to the store. I write based on my experience and I still give people room to experience it on their own as this is a community blog. It doesn’t change my experience but gives more perception about the place. Your confectionery store is on the lil map and people can easily use that to locate it to experience it.

      Thank You for stopping by


  2. I rarely comment on your blog Olamide but this got my attention.

    Firstly Sandra, I do not think her comment is a personal vendetta against you and your business. It is her opinion and she is entitled to it. You as a business owner is suppose to make improvement based on her critics rather than come here and throw tantrums.

    Secondly, I have not been to your store and readers would have been the judge of your services or even visited your store for a first hand experience but your response shows how RUDE AND INSULTING you are and probably how your subordinates would act towards your consumers.
    Finally, WORD OF ADVICE… Come down from your high horse and build your business rather than fighting every critic that has an opinion over what you are doing. Cheers.

    Oh Olamide/ Living in Lekki crew… am sorry my first comment was because of this “PERSONALITY”. I just saw the Living in lekki map and I love the idea, looking forward to more.

  3. Hi Nerdiva,

    I don’t have time to batter words with someone as ignorant as you but would give you a word of advice.It’s clearly you read to reply and not read to understand!.Go through it again and digest!

    • Hello Sandra,
      I see you going places with your arrogance.
      I might be ignorant in your very shallow world but trust me honey, I would not be putting so much effort to bring down my business the way you are doing. Good luck.

  4. Hi Olamide,

    Am not the owner of the store! And it was clearly stated at the end but like your friend who replied me,you read to reply and not to understand.The owner is too busy to even browse through popular blogs not to mention yours.
    Glad the map is on your blog,let people be the judge!

    Am out, seek your traffic elsewhere!