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Hello Guys,

Hope your week is coming on well. Like I said in my previous post about the fun weekend I had, today I will be doing the post-weekend summary about the events I attended in Lekki. I would have preferred to theme the post-weekend post about Movies because I had such an amazing time watching movies at different locations this weekend, but I had to give it a theme that captures all of my experiences.

Here is my weekend summary starting with movie weekend in Lekki at Bay Lounge & Stranger Lagos.

Movie Night

Bay Lounge on Plot 10, 12B, Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase 1 

The lounge recently started hosting people for outdoor movie experience by the waterside on saturday nights. This past weekend they showed Eddie murphy’s movie and all we had to do was get there early to get a good spot, free pop corn and lounge away. It was really a different experience because you wouldn’t expect Lagosians to be into this type of chill on a saturday night. The environment was perfect, fresh air no mosquitoes (yes I noticed because they must have fumigated), then we enjoyed the movie away. I will recommend the movie night for lovers and families, as well it is a good way to end your saturday. See pictures below

bay movie 4

bay movie 3

bay movie 2

Film Sundays aka Film Club

Stranger Lagos, No 4 Hakeen Dickson

film c 4

From previous weekend event posts you must have seen a mention of the previous film club event I attended at stranger Lagos about the intriguing movie of a young woman who died in her house and her body was found 3 years after in front of her Television. This month’s film club is also very intriguing – about 2 men who are from different cultures but form an allegiance, the short film was interesting and very deep. The film club was a bit quiet than usual, though I came late. So, if you have a very curious mind and would like to see some of the cool films, you should attend the film club once a month at stranger lagos. Every last sunday. See more pictures below

film c1

film c2

Finally my last stop of the weekend was Wana samba’s fashion store launch in Lekki. I have been playing close attention to the store renovation on Fola Osibo street for a while now so when I heard they were launching I was like “finally!”. Wana samba is one of those names that has been around at least since I moved back, I think more because of her brother and also because of her fashion sense as well. She makes some really creative cool pieces so I went with a couple of friends to see the new store and the collection. They did not start early due to “Nigerian time” so I had to make two trips there, we got to view the collection without face of the collection ‘Eva’ which would have been better, so as to picture her in some of the pieces. We got really nice cocktails made by cointreau (they sponsored almost all fashion events this weekend). See pictures from the launch below.

wana 3wana sambo 1wana sambo 2wana sambo 3

If you stopped by any of these places this weekend please share your thoughts about the various events and places. Also I left the wana sambo launch early so you can catch up  cocophemie’s post with pictures about the event, Stylevitae was there as well and Omogemura.



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  1. hello i will be visiting Nigeria in November and was wondering do you offer paid tours for tourist. I am really interested in visiting lekki with someone that knows the ins and outs and I don’t mind paying for that service.