More 24 Hours Supermarkets Opening in Lekki


Lekki continues on the journey to becoming a notable commercial environment with more businesses opening up.

I recently spotted two new supermarkets planning to launch in lekki phase 1, both on the same street with plans to conquer the 24 hours market just like Daytona and more recently Medplus.

This is good news for lekki phase 1 residents as their grocery shopping options increase with no time limit. The two new supermarkets are located on providence street (First right turn) on Admiralty from Lekki phase 1 gate.

Citydia shares the same building with cookie jar desserts head office in Lekki and the new supermarket  will be stocking some of cookie jar’s desserts. Citydia is launching its first 24hours store in lagos in Lekki phase 1 with plans to expand to other parts of lagos.

FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender_2

Trimart another supermarket which launched over a month ago plans to start 24 hours shopping soon. They have it written on their signboard which is already attracting customers. The supermarket has a couple of stores and a village market section for local good buys.

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What do you think about the having more 24 hours supermarkets around lekki?


  1. More supermarkets are being opened when there are no parking spaces. The small roads of Lekki Phase 1 will be further converted into parking spaces. I wonder who gives permission to such constructions. Lekki Phase 1 is fast becoming a shithole; many people think it is already one.