Lunch on a budget – Milk & Honey Gourmet meal plan review


Hi Guys,

Happy new year.

We apologise for the silence we had to take some time off as well to make plans for 2017. Last year was eventful and definitely one of the best we have had so far. We thank all our readers and followers for empowering us to continue this Journey.

Our first post this year on the Work lunch, this post follows up on the work lunch delivery trend in Lekki and this time we are reviewing the 5 day meal plan by Milk & Honey Gourmet.

We found out about M&H on twitter when someone recommended them for their lunch delivery and we decided to check out their website. Surprisingly you can view all the menu and tab options online this is probably one of the very few organised lunch delivery service we have come across in Lagos.

After researching we ordered the Lean tab for a week more like trial but when you are paying ahead for lunch you definitely expect to get good value for lunch. See pictures of the lunch meals we got from Milk & Honey Gourmet in Lekki.

Day 1 – Mashed potatoes, spinach and spicy lamb


Day 2 – Cabbage wrap chicken stir fry with Cucumber cleanse Juice


Day 4 – Lamb Curry with boiled plantain


Day 5 – Couscous with baked chicken



We had a lot of help from the guys at M & H on the choice of tab to select depending on what we wanted. However the menu options listed on their website wasn’t exactly what we got, they tried to tailor it to what we liked and did not send what we did not like. We would have appreciated the tailored menu at the beginning of the week which we did not get, so everyday we got a surprise package and was hopeful about it.

The Food – The food was well cooked and always tasted very nice. We liked their choice of options and the fact that they had variety or never repeated any of the meals. They were creative with the meals. The lean tab is really more of a diet option we soon realised it wasn’t a good fit for us after we started.

What we had & Where

The meals cost N1,700 on an average for the lean tab plan (N8,500 per week)

Delivery – N1,500


Milk & Honey Gourmet in VGC (Delivery Only)