Lekki Guide – December To-Do list in Lekki, Lagos



Hi Guys,

We promised to share a list of things to do this holidays and we are sure everyone would find this very useful.

Our to-do list ranges from food to drinks, events and more to do in Lekki.

Private tour of Lekki


Lil has been organising road trips to tourism locations like parks to museums, arts markets and other places to visit in Lekki. We are taking private tours from the 26th till the 28th of December. If you are interested send a mail to info@livinginlekki.com

For Food 


Breakfast in Lekki: We would recommend early bird breakfast at Pear and peony new spot, one of the oldest spots for good breakfast is ‘Olivia’s cafe‘ still very good and they have a bakery next door for pastry options, petite paris cafe offers their version of continental breakfast, HSE cafe has french toast and a very few options for breakfast. English breakfast at Minibees bakery, Lagos tea house offers simple breakfast with nice tea selections very different. You should also check out Sub delight a replica of Sub way for your breakfast subs and also Wrapcity ‘basically breakfast in a wrap’


Coffee in Lekki; For lovers of caffeine here are the coffee shops you want to check out. Cafe Neo is back and located at Diamond bank which means during the public holidays they wont be open however Stranger lagos is one place to check out for coffee you can brew yours, also Minibees bakery, Infusion cafe, Olivia’s cafe, the pie shop, Cafe Verderander and a new spot opening bread lounge.

Afro-carribean food in Lekki; That too is new around here, there are atleast 3 spots to get Jamaican food including the food truck ‘Kingston kitchen’. If you are around check out one of them but read our review first about the 3 places. Kingston kitchen, Jamo Afrique & Mango room

Healthy Options in Lekki; There are a couple of healthy spots or healthy food options in Lekki from Eat Clean cafe, Mint by Eat Green, Green grill house, Majik Juice also refer to our post about these places here


Local Joint;Waterside spot‘ the view from farmcity is one of the best you can get in Lekki especially at night because of the waterfront view. You should also try out their food ‘catfish Peppersoup’. Also Villa delish is a proper traditional bar which serves Palm wine and local dishes. You should definitely check them out.


HSE Cafe is one of the best new places around especially for brunch, you would love the ambiance same as the food. They have a limited menu option but definitely worth it ‘recommending the herbed pasta and the iced teas’


For burgers; Check out bbq and cravings as always and get the biggest burgers at Roadster burgers while you can get burgers on the go at Urban fuxion truck and Road chef drivethru


There is a new Karaoke lounge in Lekki ‘Slay karaoke lounge‘ You and your friends should definitely visit on a weekday.

There is also a new theatre house in Lekki ‘Theatre republic‘ and they have stage plays showing during the holidays with the family.

The casino on Admiralty road closed down and there is now a mini Casino at Aaron Mall ‘Hot Fun Cafe’

There is also a new Dance studio with classes every Wednesdays ‘Bailamos dance studio‘ is also open during the week.

Salsa classes on thursdays Roadster and baylounge in Lekki for those that want to have dance class options.

Finally for the night crawlers check out of list of things to do in Lekki after midnight here


Parks to Visit

Omu resort in lekki has a Zoo, mini museum, seaworld and fun rides for everyone. Also check out Lufasi park they have animals and also go on a tour at their botanical garden.


Lekki conservation is also another place to check out, make sure you get on the canopy walk.

Don’t forget the 24/7 places in Lekki for things you might need.

Also Lekki Ikoyi bridge will is well decorated and it is a perfect place to take a stroll or Jog like others.


We have a customised map with over 200 things to do in Lekki, Use this map as your guide this holiday.

Happy holidays