Lekki Beauty Journey – All made up Nails & Hair in Lekki


Nails & Hair in Lekki

Hello Guys,

Hope the hustle and bustle of the busy week isn’t getting to you. Before I get drowned in how my week is going, I let me share details about the beauty weekend I had in Lekki. Let me just say I got dolled up a bit with getting my hair and nails done at different places in lekki.

I am one of those loyalties when it comes to my hair because it is natural so I know where I make short hair, treat my natural hair (I will create another post about this), do african hair styles with my natural hair, make braids, fix human hair and any other thing I want to do to my hair. I have different places for different things just because I like how they make my hair there. The only salon I repeat for my natural hair do and fixing human hair is Diva’s salon at Ikate roundabout because of the stylist.

So, last weekend I really felt like going on short hair after a while and I thought going all the way to surulere wasn’t going to do it for me especially with the petrol scarcity. So I decided to scout for places in Lekki that would make really good short hair.

First I stopped by Wow nails hoping to get my hair and nails done.

Wow Nails 

31A Posh Plaza, Admiralty Way Lekki Phase 1.

I saw the post on style vitae about samantha getting her hair and nails done, also Ezinne of BIL on instagram also getting her hair done so i thought they could hook a sister up as well. On getting there they informed me the male stylist was out making hair somewhere and won’t be back early. I was furious as time was going, and I had plans for the evening, so they persuaded me to still get my nails done.


I am really simple with my nails so I went for a clean nail change nothing fancy. I changed my nail polish to nude which I really liked (I think it was how the lady took her time with my nails even though it was just nail polish change). She also explained everything to me all the way on which type of polish would last since I wasn’t fixing my nails so they clearly know a lot about nails.


After getting my nails back on track, I did not want to wait till sunday to get my hair done My natural hair was crying so I crossed over to centro mall to check out the salon there. I then realized I had been to Talise salon at the mall once with my friend Ada when they first opened sometime last year and the experience never took me back.

Talise Salon & Hamman 

Centro Mall, Admiralty way Lekki Phase 1


I just decided to check them out and the manager really explained to me they had new people they would make the short hair for me but I had to wait. I was still skeptical because of the experience I had there. Short hair is also very hard to get right, at least for me to like it so I waited and we started. I was with the male stylist all the way, showed him the picture and weirdly he pampered my natural hair very well just the way I am used too with sheabutter.



At the end he really impressed me because I was very skeptical about doing short hair in Lekki and them getting the cuts right. This is no advert but I love my short hair, he really cut it very well. It was definitely more expensive than it would have in surulere (it cost N4,500 in Lekki).FullSizeRender_1 Anyways my beauty journey in lekki continues. Wondering where i will check out next? Follow @livinginlekki on instagram 🙂

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