Lagos Travel Guide – Off the beaten Path ‘Things to do in Lekki ‘


Lagos aka Las gidi is known for its nightlife and now good restaurants.

We decided to put this post together as part of our travel guide series for those people who are new to Lagos and also locals who want to take a break from the whole scenery, this is Lagos off the beaten path through your Guide in Lekki.

It highlights some really cool and laid back things that focuses on museum, arts, tourist attraction sites, while also thinking about things families can do together.

  1. Awolowo Museum (Plan to spend 1 – 2 hours)

Did you know that there was a museum hidden in Lekki? to be precise Ibeju-Lekki. It is roughly about 1hour from Lekki phase 1 without traffic and it is dedicated to keeping the Legacy of Chief Obafemi Awolowo who was important in Nigeria’s history. The Museum was built by a Portuguese slave trader ‘Mr Lecqui’, Obafemi Awolowo was a prisoner in the house in 1962. You will see newspapers from as far back as 1960 telling you a-lot about Nigeria’s political history, also has his clothing, his library collection and a lot more retained from the time he was held in the house. It is an interesting place for people interested in a little bit of History. The compound next to the museum also had some history about the slave trade days.

2. Lekki Conservation Centre  (Plan to spend 2 – 3hours)

Home to the longest canopy walk in Nigeria and the 2nd longest in Africa. Lekki conversation centre is also the home to monkeys, 100 years old tortoise and also peacocks. This is an interesting place for the family apart from the Canopy walk. They also have a fish pond with different types of fishes. There are board games on the floor such as snakes and ladder, chess and more. They have huts for families to relax o. It is well priced and definitely a great stop for families with kids or couples who want to explore a peaceful day in Lagos.

3. Beach resorts l La Campagne Tropicana l Pop beach club (1 day – 2 days)

Lagos is surrounded by water and Lekki is surrounded by really nice beaches accompanied by resorts. The oldest of them all is La campagne tropicana, anyone who grew up in Lagos will remember the journey to get to the resort. It is an amazing place and even better now with the new innovations they have put in place. It is a good trip for the family as they have the beach, nice scenery, a mini lake for water sports such as Kayaking and also a play area for children. The resort still stands out and it is worth spending more than one day with the family in the resort. Other places we can recommend is Pop beach club which can only be accessed via a boat. It is nice, cozy and fun for most people who have visited.

4. Omu resort and Zoo (Plan to spend 6 hours)

Omu resort is more than a resort, it is an amusement park with a zoo. It is an all in one place for everyone. From the outside it doesn’t look like it has a lot to offer but the resort has everything from a zoo with the only place to spot a Lion in Lagos. They also have a sea-world with different types of Fishes for the kids to learn about the aquatic world, also Indoor Arcade, mini steel museum, fun rides, Go karting and quad bikes for adults.

To have make the most of the resort, it is worth going early to secure slots as it can get packed weekend.

5. Lufasi Park (Plan to spend 2 – 3 hours)

Lekki Urban Forest and Animal Sanctuary Initiative (Lufasi park) is another cool with a lot of meaning for people interested in Nature and also Animals. The park consists of the botanical garden, Ekki Forest, Animal Rescue, welfare Centre and children’s centre. The botanical garden is beautiful showcasing horticulture, the Animal rescue has Horses, horses, donkeys, Monkeys, Ducks and rabbits. They have turtles and other animals as well. They also have a mini fish ponds, Lake Nova and arty structures with wood that gave it a picturesque village setting. The children can also spend time at the children’s centre to spend time on the slides and swings while the family enjoys a great picnic after the long walk in the park. It is only 40 minutes drive from any of the toll gate in Lekki.

6. Nike arts and craft centre (Plan to spend 1 – 2 hours)

This is another interesting place and also a powerful sight for those looking to spend a quiet day exploring in Lagos. Nike arts and craft centre is a 3 floor building with amazingly cool arts and craft. It is also a nice place rich in Nigerian culture. Especially the Yoruba and Edo culture. You can learn about cultures and also play dress up in traditional attires. They always have traditional dancers to welcome guests into the centre. You will feel at home if it is your first time at the centre. There is more than enough to see and appreciate in terms of Arts and craft.

7. Gets Arena (Plan to spend 1 – 2 hours)

Gets Arena is known for Go karting as they have a huge race track. If you are looking to boost up your energy and adrenaline rush even the kids, Gets Arena is very good place to visit. The whole family can kit up and race up for atleast an hour. It is also ideal for couples looking to do something different in Lagos. It is also well priced and not too expensive except you are ordering food from their bar.

8. Upbeat Centre (Plan to spend 1 -2 hours)

Is said to be West Africa’s 1st Trampoline park and indoor recreation centre. It is a month old and the place is super exciting for everyone including kids. You would imagine how fun much it will be to spend a day jumping on trampoline’s, you are allowed to go as crazy as you want too and also try out gymnastics if you are that flexible. They have other indoor recreation activities, Upbeat is definitely one to spend sometime with the family if you are looking for a fun day out. You can try something new.

We hope you find this list helpful when you are looking for something different to do in Lagos, Head to Lekki.

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