Lagos City Guide – One Day in Lekki ‘Things to do in Lagos’


Exploring Lekki in one day – Fun things to do in Lagos

Hey guys, hope your week went well. The weekend is finally here and you would agree that this is the season for shopping and exploring. While some who have the luxury of time might be planning to attend as many events as possible, we are sharing tips on the most crucial things to have in your schedule if for example time isn’t on your side! So if you are planning your December trip to Lagos, and have perhaps one day to catch a feel of what Lekki has to offer, this is your complete guide.

We got this idea on a trip we organized recently where we had just 2 days to explore a new environment. We had to research and put together a list of the most exciting things to do even while on a tight budget.

Here is our Guide on the things to do in Lekki in 1 DAY.

Walk on Lekki-Ikoyi bridge

First of its kind in Nigeria and even in West Africa, the iconic bridge is a beauty on its own. The bridge connects Lekki and Ikoyi which are both on the island across the Lagos lagoon. The bridge is a charm to most people coming to Lagos and also the island. The Link bridge has an amazing view of the Lekki and Ikoyi area. Since it is a major attraction, most residents and visitors often walk or Jog on the bridge. Walking on the bridge could take up to 30 minutes depending on your pace and even if the mobile network on the bridge isn’t so good there is a free wifi spot on the bridge. Lekki-Ikoyi bridge is definitely a great place to start your tour of Lagos.

Visit an Art Gallery or Market

We believe Lagos has a developed arts and craft scene. Lekki is one of the place to get the best of Arts & Craft with places like Nike art gallery, Lekki arts & craft market and others. Nike arts gallery is a very interesting space filled with so much cultural artifacts and heritage. You are guaranteed to find the tour of the gallery exciting and in roughly an hour, you would have been able to explore the whole gallery. The arts and craft market is definitely also worth the visit for tourists in Lagos, they have amazing pieces which ranges across different types of arts, leather goods and more. It is a massive market and you can spend up to 2 hours if you are not moving at a fast pace. You would be forgiven for easily getting carried away with the pieces but you need to be careful, they price the pieces very high for tourists, so be sure to head there with a local to help you get a good bargain. The good thing about both locations is that you can build your arts collection by shopping at both spots.

Canopy walk at Lekki Conservation Centre

This one is definitely worth the experience, the Lekki Conservation centre established in 1990 is one of Lagos best attractions because of the canopy walk which is about 401 meters long and boasts of 7 levels. The LCC Canopy walk is the 2nd longest in Africa and it located in Lekki (Yipee). The Canopy walk is daring from the 1st level till the 7th. You will enjoy the great view of the Conservation centre and also of some parts of Lekki. From the highest level which is 22.5 feet from ground level, you will be able to spot the Lekki lagoon because Lekki is surrounded by water. It is worth taking as many pictures as you go along as you can’t go back the same way you came as Entry and Exit are on Opposite sides.

Food tour

Lekki is the home to some of the best food spots in Lagos right now and you can have the best of almost everything you are looking for from Nigerian food, Burgers, Shawarma and much more. If you are looking to grab a bite off, an interesting place you should try out is Bbq & Cravings for nice burgers and grilled chicken/Turkey. Their grilled chicken/turkey are so nice yummy and spicy and you also have to try their country burgers. If you want Nigerian food with the traditional feel you can visit Owambe Mart to try out the proper firewood rice, Amala, Chops like puff puff and much more. Bbq & Cravings and most burger places are not open on Mondays but you can try out Owambe Mart every other day.

Chill by the waterside at any of the spots

Your tour on the island is not complete if you do not round things up at the waterside. In the evening you should visit one of the waterside bars/Spots. There are about 7 waterside spots in Lekki phase 1 where you can enjoy the amazing view of Lekki and also Ikoyi. You can also spot the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge by all the waterside spots. The most popular waterside spot is Farm city which is open 24 hours, you can enjoy local beers along with pepper soup, Suya or other grilled food at any of the spots.

 Note: Walking on Lekki-Ikoyi bridge is free and you should only pay if you are driving through the Toll gate. If anyone asks you to pay while walking report them to the patrol on the bridge.

Use our map located on to locate all the places mentioned in this post.