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Dear Lekki Job Hunters,

Hope your week is going great. We are back this week with the Job dialogue to engage you about Job openings in Lekki area also spotlighting Lil’s top Jobs in the dialogue.

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This week some of the hot jobs in Lekki include

Job Dialogue 

Public Relations officer in Lekki

GCS – Hello
Lil – Hello Back
GCS – We think you can help
Lil – With what exactly
GCS – It is nothing too difficult but the role we are looking to fill
Lil – oh Job Vacancy 🙂
GCS – It sometimes proves challenging hiring for these roles.
Lil – Why so?
GCS – We always need the right person and people that will be ripping off their Business cards or ID cards in public
Lil – Looool Inside Jokes. Now I understand. How do we proceed
GCS – Well are out for a PRO someone that will monitor public opinion of our company, preparing budgets, liaising with media, work on materials we are pushing out in the media.
Lil – This is strictly Public relations
GCS – Yes because sometimes people can get it confused but we know what we are looking for. We are also looking for a learner, someone who is willing come onboard and grow with us( 1-3 years )
Lil – We have access to people that fit that profile. We will reach out and get them to get back to you directly.

Technical Assistant in Lekki

LIL – Technical Support needed!! Anyone!! Anybody

DWL – Wait Guys!!!! Please don’t shout too much… Not anyone or Anybody

Lil – What What now? Shouldn’t we call a crowd?

DWL – With emphasis on what we discussed, we only want candidates in Lekki/Ajah area

Lil – Sorry, Thought it was anyone.

DWL – Not really, You know Technical support varies and we are only looking out for those into Electrical support not related IT. So people don’t mix it up

Lil – Now i understand more; since it is an amusement and theme park you will need more of those kind of support

DWL – Exactly!!! What should we be expecting?

Lil – Advisably we will target people with Electrical engineering degrees and nothing less.

DWL – No learners o

Lil – Noted

DWL – Looking forward to the entries

Microbiologist in Lekki

Lil – It is not everyday we see this
Neighbour – What are you talking about

Lil – It is this role for Microbiologist opening we just got
Neighbour – Ha They are plenty now, I know why you think so because of how the job market is

Lil – Absolutely, One would think there will be low supply of microbiologists or even the demand for such skills
Neighbour – Nigeria is changing and growing.

Lil – We welcome change – Back to the matter
GTN – There are no other ways we can define the role we are looking for but simply doing the work of a microbiologist (Simply Laboratory work).

Lil – That should not scare people. How many people are you looking for?
GTN – Just one candidate who has to be smart and analytical. The role involves doing a lot of research and testing samples for new products.

Lil – Sounds adventurous

GTN – Well it is if you are looking from a science point… Only scientists with 1-3 years experience

Lil – We are on our way to find them for you 🙂

 Warehouse Manager vs Nurse in Lekki

Lil – Skilled or semi-skilled?

Director Smith – I will go with Skilled

Tobi – If my opinion counts I will say Semi-skilled.

Lil – Tell me more

Director Smith – Don’t mistake me i mean I am looking to hire for a Skilled role – There is no debate about that

Lil – Now this is clearer

Tobi – If that is the angle we are going with then I will say I am looking for a semi-skilled role

Director Smith –  what is your own role like that makes you say it is semi-skilled?

Tobi – Hiring for a warehouse manager (A role that involves less specialization)

Director Smith – I don’t agree with you a warehouse manager has to have certain skills such as being able to create account books for expenses create reports which requires some level of specializing and experience

Tobi – You just said it “Experience”

Director Smith – Yes but he will know about the law’s that guide the type of business you are in

Tobi – You are right!!! Why is your own role skilled though?

Director Smith – We are looking for someone with skills and experience in hospitality sector – A nurse

Tobi – Ohh Nurses work under the supervision of a doctor, So why so special

Director Smith – Don’t see it that way but more like a main role because they bring a lot to the environment such as Providing emotional, psychological support and also treat patients when necessary and other things

Tobi – Oh Great… I have learnt something

Director Smith – Same here. Nice meeting you

Lil – I am still here guys

Director and Tobi – We both agree we are hiring for the right roles

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Job Source – Job Rapido, Jobberman & Olx


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