A Free Trip to Jerusalem in Lekki – Throwback to Easter weekend


Replica jesus christ tomb

Hello Guys,

As you know we are always looking out for you, checking out places and sharing information with you.

Today’s post is very interesting and a bit religious. It is about how we did not have to go to jerusalam to experience some of the things from the Ancient place.

We found out about this amazing place on instagram when someone tagged us in a picture of a replica of Jesus christ tomb and how you don’t have to go to Jerusalam to know more about it.

We thought it would be really cool to check it out not just as an attraction place but also for kids to learn more about christianity. We went there on Easter Monday before they officially opened, they were doing tours and showing kids around telling them the story of how Jesus christ died and rose on Easter day.

Walking into the compound they had a wall of fame, which started with God and then Adam & eve, Jesus, his disciples also included Wole Soyinka, Dora Akinyele and some of Nigerians fallen heroes. It was pretty cool, almost like walking down memory lane.

Wordship centre lekki 1 Wordship centre walk of fame Wordship centre lekki 4 Wordship centre lekki 7
And then they had display boards telling the story from how Jesus was condemned to death and the walk way leading to the cross where he was crucified and then the replica tomb where he laid.

Wordship centre lekki new 1 Wordship centre lekki 3 Wordship centre lekki 9 Worship centre lekki 8

They also had bible verses quoted on the walls. The replica tomb was just like the ones you would see in pictures, in the tomb they had a lantern and a white robe. It was really impressive.

Replica jesus christ tomb Inside the tomb wordship centre Wordship centre lekki 5

However, the space isn’t just up for display. It is a religious educational centre for kids ‘bible school’ aiming to teach children more about christianity. They also have a prayer room, cinema and more.

It is definitely worth visiting it is really impressive to know that people can find places like this in lagos.

Family word centre Lekki phase 1 (Click to locate in Map)

Beside LG showroom, Admiralty road Lekki phase 1