Guest Review – Breakfast at Angelos cafe in Lekki


This is a guest review from one of our readers about her experience at a new Cafe in Lekki ‘Angelos Cafe’

‘I first noticed Angelos cafe at the New Ebeano compound in December when they Just opened. I stopped by and noticed they were a coffee shop offering pastries and wraps. The space looked interesting and quiet. They were not fully open as at that time so I said I would stop by sometime in the future. 

As a regular visitor at Ebeano it was only a matter of time before I stopped by Angelos again, I was looking to have a light breakfast in the morning and I stopped by Angelos Cafe.

They had ready made wraps, salads and other pastries on display. I also saw Bagels and they had up to 4 different types of Bagels. Their menu seemed different from what they showed me in December and this time it had the Bagel sandwich option which was the only sandwich I could get that was warm because they would have to prepare it.

They had 3 types of Bagel sandwich (Chicken Caesar, turkey & Vegetable). The turkey sandwich was IT for me at the time and I choose the cranberry Bagel for the sandwich. They would have to toast the Bagel so it should be nice ‘I said’

Also ordered Hot chocolate due to the dry dusty weather. They offered two options (White or the regular). I choose the regular which was served in a fairly big cup. The sandwich was ready in about 10-15 minutes. It looked fresh and they offered to cut into 4 bits which made it easier to bite on.

The sandwich had lettuce, turkey slices, tomatoes, layered with Cheese. The sandwich was light and basic but I really liked the cranberry bagel.

The price was also fair N2,500 for the Bagel and the Cup of Hot chocolate cost N900.

This is a guest review by Tomiwa

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