Guest Review – The Bread Lounge in Lekki


This is a guest review from one of our readers about her experience at a new spot that just opened up in Lekki ‘The Bread lounge’

I always try to look for new places to go especially when I am on the Island. I happened to crash my friends’ date on Saturday at Bread Lounge lol, on getting there the security man was inattentive and almost made me got me pissed off not to pack and drive away. However my friend was calm and we managed to get upstairs.

The person my friend was meeting up with was really excited about the pastries at the bread lounge, the first thing that caught my eye was the relaxed environment.

I ordered the caramel latte (Coffee lover) and red velvet brownie. I expected the brownie to be better in terms of the texture it almost felt like it wasn’t completely baked yet but I liked the taste as it wasn’t too sweet.
The prices are amazingly great for that environment and quality.



My friend ordered the chocolate bread and I can say it’s one of the bests I’ve had; soft and succulent (I like food). Finally I tried the suya bun after waiting for it to be ready,we waited almost an hour and it was amazing the suya flavor was just apt it wasn’t too spicy, not sure what cream they used on the bun but I loved it. 


They had varieties of doughnuts but I’m not a fan so didn’t try any. 

Overall, I liked the space because I was very comfortable and relaxed. I’d recommend it to every confectionary lover and I would rate Breadlounge 7/10

This is a guest review by Gowalsangel

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  1. My review of Bread Lounge, On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best:
    Cappuccino donut: 2
    Suya bread: 1
    Chocolate brownie: 2
    Red velvet brownie: 3
    All so dry and not yummy. I think they just shook them from a box. No butter.

  2. Hmmm… first comment sounds dubious. To rate their donut 2 out of 10 is just ridiculous. They have pretty good stuff in there. Some things are better than others, some sweeter than others. However, rating them less than average smells like hateration to me.

  3. I was craving succulent and Juicy donut so my sister and I went to Bread Lounge in lekki. Their donut is the wackest donut I’ve tasted in my entire life. It was nasty. I was so angry! I was so excited going there because their Instagram pictures look so nice. Waste of time, money and energy