Food Monday – Triple Treat in Lekki


Hello Guys,

Hope you had a great weekend. My weekend was really long because I was ill for the better part of last week. This week’s Food Monday post is like a mini conversation with 2 of my other friends about our dinner in Lekki.

I mentioned in a post recently about my friend being in town for a bit. Remember? Anyways she has gone back 🙁 and this post is kinda dedicated to her experience in Lekki. Today’s post consists of our food discovery, short summaries of our food experience and thoughts about the restaurant.

See pictures from our Dinner.

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My Summary

As mentioned earlier it wasn’t my first time at the spot but my food experience was way better this time. The marcelo pasta I ordered was perfect, it was nicely presented, though it was a bit too spicy. The service could have been better because I had to keep asking questions (as usual) to be sure what I was getting, since I was taking my friends out for dinner and it was their first time there. For the price I paid I loved the fact that the food had no fault. I would definitely go back for that pasta because I took away some and people tried it at work (they did not allow me to rest)


Summary from Bantu & Ada

Bantu – This was my first time in Lagos after a very long time and I was looking forward to having a nice meal evening/meal. I loved the ambiance because of the outdoor space and it was not rowdy. However, it did not turn out good because it tasted like the coconut was not fresh and I requested for another one which took so long. I told them to forget about it but the food made up for it. I was skeptical about trying out the ribs (I like my ribs very juicy – The american way). The mash was really good, I was impressed with the food (Not the drink).


Ada – I will go straight to how I loved the strawberry margarita I had (It was the best for me) apart from trying lam lams pasta but the margarita was the best part of the evening for me. Even though my plate did not look as exciting as Bantu’s and Lam lams, I liked the chicken very well marinated (Grilled chicken) and the mashed potatoes I had with Bantu was really good. I had to put a picture on instagram sharing the Lagos experience.



What We had & Where 

  Marcello stir fry pasta

Mashed Potatoes – Spare ribs – Grilled served on a side of salad

Mashed Potatoes – Grilled Chicken marinated in ratatouille sauce


Angle Villa, No 1 Ogbunike Street Lekki Phase 1