Food Monday – Chicken Coconut curry at Black Bell Lekki, Lagos


Happy New Month Guys.

Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start.

On this rainy day in Lagos, we are having lunch at a fairly new place in Lekki. Remember how we told you the thai’s were coming to town ending of last year? Yes this post > Here

The restaurant had the fast food section open first when they launched and a few months back, they opened up their proper fine dining section upstairs.

See pictures from the lunch ‘Thai coconut curry with basmati rice’ along with Cinderella.


The ambiance at the lounge/proper restaurant is different from the experience downstairs. It is a still a bit open with less noise. The bar is also located upstairs and so it might be a bit busy in the evenings.

Dining there for lunch was a bit like rush hour today because a lot of customers seemed to be upstairs. Anyways we had the table to ourselves and got offered the menu.

The menu was laminated which could have been better presented but then it is a common practice around here. The menu was straight forward with options from salads, pastas, burgers/subs and others. Meals seemed fairly priced and not over the board.

We noticed they had hummus on their appetiser menu and wondered if it was worth trying as opposed to having a main dish. After weighing the options we went with ‘Thai chicken coconut curry served with rice’. Seemed like a safe option for ‘The Thai’s in town’

From the drinks menu, we ordered Cinderella aka *Smoothie* which is their own version of offering fresh blends. The mix was a blend of Watermelon, Pineapple and Ginger. You really can’t go wrong with fresh blends.

Back to the food -> They told us it would take 20 minutes but then we got the food almost 40 minutes after. We had enough time to build up an appetite for the meal and when they served the portion seemed fine. For those who consume large portions you might want to order an extra portion of the rice or another side, the curry was more than enough.

We thought the curry was perfectly spiced and creamy. It was very decent and was extremely filling because of the chicken.

What we had & Where

Thai Chicken coconut curry with rice – N4,500

Cinderella – N1,500


Black Bell Restaurant Lekki Phase 1

Have you ever been to Blackbell Restaurant or tried their meals, share your experience in the comment section below.


  1. The food was surprisingly good upstairs at Blackbell but the interior deco looked strange. More like the Place looks weird.