Food Monday – Road Wrap, Thrill and Burger in Lekki


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend 🙂 I tried to rest for a bit and also catch up with friends which ended up being a lot of fun. Surprisingly I explored random things this weekend especially food and my brother had a big role to play there.

Back with you today for Lil’s food monday where I am sharing food discoveries from one of lekki’s newest spots with you. If you follow Livinginlekki on instagram you will already know the place I am talking about – the official opening was last weekend and they did a pre-opening on thursday and friday where I was opportuned to try out their meals before a lot of people 🙂

Food monday today is about Road wrap, thrill and burger at Road chef lekki 🙂 I consider road chef a combination of Mc Donalds, subway and KFC. During the two days pre-opening my friend and I tried out a couple of meals on their menu. See pictures

road chef 8 road chef 5

Road chef 1 road chef 2 road chef 3
road chef 6

road chef 11


road thrill 1 Road thrill 2 road thrill 3


What I loved the most about Road chef’s menu was the fact they had variety and it wasn’t the usual. I noticed they were being innovative with every meal on the menu hence why I was excited to try almost everything out. I had heard so much about the sweet potatoes fries so that was a must try with my first meal along with Road grilled chicken wrap. My friend tried the deluxe crispy chicken roadster with sweet potato fries as well. The best thing about the meal was the sweet potatoes fries (I did not care how much it was – N550) it was really nice and crispy. I had so much expectations for the road wrap which completely fell my hand as it was bland and missing a sauce or seasoning. We rated that 5/10, I am not trying that again until they work on it.

However the burger was yum off 8/10, the best thing about the burger was garlic mayo dressing. My brother and friend tried the road chef classic and absolutely loved it. So I will definitely go for the burger before the wrap next time. The burger was a good standard and size for a fast-food.

Then because they were just opening we had limited options for dessert and I was really bent on trying out the parfait or the road thrill (ice-cream). I had the road thrill with chocolate chips, strawberries and blackberries, They blended the ice-cream with some of the fruit toppings, which was exactly what I needed that evening. The ice cream was really creamy but I don’t think I got the right toppings mix. It cost N1,500. Their prices are actually affordable, I am not just saying this because I used discount vouchers on the first 2 days *coverface* but when I compared it to Chicken republic, KFC and other places around for their meals their prices are not bad.

What I had & Where

Road Wrap meal (Drink and sweet potato fries) N2,500

Deluxe crispy chicken burger roadster meal (Drink and sweet potato fries)N2,600

Road thrill with chocolate chip, strawberry & blackberries N1,500


Road Chef Lekki (Use link to locate on Lekki Map)

Have you tried meals at road chef lekki? I would love to hear all about it in the comment section below.


  1. I was silently praying that what I saw wasn’t sweet potato fries because I can get addicted to them!!!!!!!! So this has a Five Guys appeal to me.

    *makes mental note to stay far away from Lekki for waistline purposes*

    • Berry the sweet potato fries really makes sense and it is yummy. I love sweet potato so it was it for me.

      You really should try it out. The burger as well, I will like to hear what you think.

  2. Their Burger is awesome …thats like the best so far i have had compared to the mediocre and washed-up ones others sell…