Food Monday – Risky Chicken Curry & Sandwich at Cafe Cassata in Lekki, Lagos


Hi Guys,

Hope you had a good weekend.

We are back with this week’s food discovery/review post. It is also a fairly new spot as most people don’t know about the new cafe.

Sometime last weekend we planned to do brunch with the girls and came across the cafe. Unfortunately the cafe wasn’t open on the day we planned the brunch, so we went back during the weekend with the brother for Lunch.

Yes the name of the Cafe is Cassata by sweetheart.

See pictures from the lunch we had at Cafe Cassata in Lekki – Banana & Strawberry smoothie, Chicken and avocado sandwich and Chicken curry with basmati rice.


The cafe is hidden so you will definitely not expect it to look as good as it does from the outside. The space is well decorated. It is a place anyone would love to hide out for breakfast or lunch on a date. It is very cosy

It looks more like a desert shop than a proper cafe. The cafe was empty so we had the space to ourselves.

It wasn’t easy deciding on what to eat, we did not think the menu had too much to offer in terms of Lunch options. The options are limited and straightforward. The brother ordered the curry since it was meant to be the quickest meal to get ready and we went with the Chicken and Avocado sandwich.

The curry took over 40 minutes and they initially told us it would take 20 minutes. The sandwich took about 40 minutes as well

The Curry looked and tasted like Nigerian home made curry. We could smell the excess curry powder and also how dark it looked did not make it as exciting to eat. The portion seemed like a lot as the curry was served with rice, 2 pieces of chicken and stir fry veggies. The curry however did not deliver on the taste.

The sandwich looked really risky after 40 minutes. It was meant to be toasted according to what we said we wanted. The presentation was extremely poor as it looked like the sandwich sold at Chicken republic ‘Chickwiz’ for way cheaper. The sandwich was actually a write off and we struggled to eat it. The smoothie was however perfect served with fresh strawberries.

Back to the food, when we complained about the food the waiter mentioned the Chef wasn’t around so he made the meals by himself. It was extremely wrong of him to serve us below the standard but he might have told us that so we don’t get angry because the food wasn’t good at all. At the end of the day, we got less than the quality we paid for.

In addition for such a coded space, Parking might be an issue as they have space in the compound but customers are not allowed to park inside. Customers can only park only park on the road so in the case of a downpour customers will have to walk under the rain pass by the water logged walk way.

Our discovery wasn’t a pleasant one and we would have simply settled for the simple desserts we saw on display. It really looked like a dessert shop and we should have embarrassed that from the moment we walked in.

What we had & Where

Chicken curry with basmati rice & stir fry veggies – N3,950

Chicken & Avocado sandwich – N2,500

Smoothie – N1,500


Cafe Cassata by Sweetheart, off African lane Lekki phase 1 (Click to locate in Map)

Have you been to Cassata or tried any of their meals? Share your experience in the comment section below


  1. I visited this place last month with my friend during the 2 for the price of 1 promo… We ordered the white forest rice and it took like 2 hours to come out. They kept on apologising. They even gave us free cupcakes to compliment for the looong wait. They waiter later said that they were missing an ingredient and had to go buy it.