Food Monday – Quick Breakfast at Infusion cakes Cafe in Lekki, Lagos


Hope everyone had a good one.

We are back with our food discovery post and this week we had breakfast at Tiffany’s LOOOOL.

Yes our own version of breakfast at Tiffany’s right here in Lekki. Our food monday spot is also pretty new as well so #newspotalert.

We found a new coffee shop right next to us in Lekki phase 1 and decided to check them out for quick breakfast since they are open as early as 7:30am.


The name of the cafe/coffee shop is Infusion cakes cafe in Lekki phase 1.

Here is what we had;

First time we had their Tuna sandwich


Second time we had their croissant and Tea


3rd time we had their cinnamon doughnut and Coffee



We first heard about infusion cakes driving past Fola Osibo in lekki phase 1, the bakery used to be there but we never went to check them out until they moved to Wole ariyo and opened up the cafe. We think it was a good move getting closer and more visible.

Our first impression of the cafe was that is looked so so nice and different. It definitely looked like a cafe in paris or London. So good to see places like this popping up in Lekki.

img_7788 img_7787 img_7790

The interior of the cafe is simple and very very clean a bit colourful but it works well for what they are doing. The deco would make you want to stick around long enough however when you look at their menu you would want to walk out.

You would think a place nicely decorated that looks so sophisticated would have more to offer; brace yourself they only have pastries because they also bake cakes. So hot beverages and pastries thats all.


The first time we went there we asked if they would introduce proper breakfast on their menu they said yes but after the 3rd visit we are convinced that might not happen anytime soon.


So on our 2nd visit we tried their croissant and tea, however they gave us lipton tea and charged N700 for it. It was almost like a dream, on the plus side if you are eating in everyday has free sugar, cream & cookies. Freebees for everyone however it still doesn’t justify the N700 for hot water and lipton tea bag.

Also we noticed the 3rd time we went there, we opened up with them very early in the morning. Doughnut and everything was ready we asked if it was fresh they said yes it is and it was made the day before. All they had to do was put it in the microwave and it was ready to be served, the doughnut looked crunchy and hard because they microwaved the stale doughnut.


It is definitely a cool place to go in the morning and they have free wifi even though we never tried it to confirm if it works.

What we had & Where

Tuna sandwich – N700

Croissant – N400

Tea – N700

Doughnut – N250

Infusion cakes cafe

 Wole Ariyo street Lekki phase 1 (Click to view in map)


  1. hmm who hired you to tarnish people businesses, i live in wole ariyo and i have been there since the foundation, yes i agree with you no breakfast for now because i believe they are still trying to understand the environment but talking about all you said its all lies i go there on daily basis and also recommend my company to visit such places.

  2. Una done come again ooh witch ppl if una no get money make una go beg make dem give na food chop. i go there everday to buy my bread n i have never had complain na only you waka come