Food Monday (#Newspotalert) – Serving up Indian & Thai at Peppercorn Avenue Lekki, lagos


Hi Guys,

Hope you had a good weekend.

The weekend was relaxing. We also had time to check out places around Lekki to keep you guys up to date.

Todays post is served up in 2 bits (Our food discovery experience and also a guest review by one of our readers). Last week a new restaurant opened close by in Lekki phase 1, trust us we have been stalking them since April waiting for them to open their doors. To our biggest surprise the new spot happened to be an Indian Restaurant ‘First proper one in Lekki’.

There used to be a Tandoori restaurant by the waterside that closed down sometime last year but this is a huge deal.

The new restaurant is called ‘Peppercorn Avenue’ Indian & Thai fine dining and we had lunch there on Saturday.

See pictures from our Indian and Thai lunch at Peppercorn Avenue Lekki.

We had Adraki Chop, Thai Crispy Vegetable, Chilli Nan with Raita, Gandheri Kebab & Mango raita.


The restaurant space is huge and the Ambiance is nice. The space is well decorated from the moment you step inside.

They offered us complimentary starter of fresh veggies and complimentary drink, lemon grass tea.

Their menu is divided into two: Indian on one side and Thai on the other side. They recommended 1 Indian starter and 1 Thai starter as well as main since we did not want to go for the usual options.

We started with Thai style crispy vegetables and Indian Adraki Chop. The Thai starter was really nice, spicy and crispy we actually wanted more of those. The Adraki chop was goat meat extremely tender. It was not as spicy or tasty but it was nice.

We moved onto the Indian Gandheri Kebab which was chicken on sugarcane. Blissful experience with the sauces it was the best and we had the option to either chew the sugar cane or just eat around it. It was really good.

After the four options we wanted to try any Indian dessert as a first timer so they recommended the Indian Mango Rhita.

If you are not a Mango fan you would still love it. It was a discovery experience digging through and also crumbling the coconut toppings.

Guest Review by Richard 

I had at Peppercorn Avenue 2 days after the open. The serve had no flaws. I had Pad Thai, Masaman curry, the Indian Cauliflower dish, Garlic chilli Nan and the food was so amazing, I forgot to take pictures. I hope they keep up the good work because I will probably never dine outside Lekki again.

What we had & Where

Adraki Chop, Crispy Vegetable, Chilli Nan with Raita, Gandheri Kebab


Peppercorn Avenue Lekki Phase (Click to locate in Map)


  1. After reading this review, my wife and I visited Peppercorn. The food was hit and miss, we had the Tom Yum Soup which was very good, and then we had a fish meal which I will not eat again or recommend. Also had a starter salad as main course which we really liked. The service was very attentive however we did not like that how they charged us 20% extra (5% VAT, 5% Consumption tax and 10% service charge). They are better increasing the price of meals instead of doing that. In general, it was a good place even though it was empty.