Food Monday – House special at B-hive in Lekki


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Hope you had a good weekend.

We have another food tale for you this week on Lil’s food monday and this time we went exploring at an old spot.

While wondering around Lekki 1 yesterday looking for a place to eat we came across B-hive, an old spot that opened in 2012. If you move around lekki a lot, you might have  noticed a spot with a lot of cars towards the end Victoria Arobieke in lekki phase 1, they cause traffic in the evenings (that is b-hive). Anyways we thought to check out their food and share details with you today.

See pictures of what we had at B-hive in Lekki

Bhives special noodles 5 Bhives special noodles 1 Bhives special noodles 7 Bhives special noodles 3 Bhives special noodles 10 Bhives special noodles 4


The environment is nice and cosy plus they have an outdoor space. Not cool during the rainy season tho. B-hive is definitely a place you can go to hide out with your friends for  drinks or just to chill.

B-hive is perceived as an expensive place or slightly higher than affordable. We have been there a couple of times in the past for drinks but nothing major. This was our first time trying out their meal.

The service – The waitress was confused and couldn’t explain what they had on the menu. We understand the pressure for them sometimes but they do this all day and should definitely know better.

Even when we asked for someone in the kitchen the guy couldn’t really help but he had some idea.

They made the ordering process longer than it should be but they seemed to be keen on how good the house special noodles was. It seemed overpriced for noodle but we really wanted to see what it would look like.

The food – The food tasted better than it looked. Presentation could have been better. You can tell from the pictures they did not put any efforts into it. The noodles came with a lot of shrimp and it was spicy. It wasn’t bad at all, the portion seemed huge for noodles but then I guess when you are paying that much for noodles it is good.

A lot of meals on their meals seemed really overpriced from N4,000 upwards, we won’t mind trying their breakfast and dessert options though.

What we had & where

B-hive house special noodles with shimps N4,500


B-hive Lekki phase 1 (Click to locate in Map)

No 31 Victoria Arobieke street, off Admiralty way Lekki phase 1.

Have you been to B-hives or tried any meals there? Kindly share your experience in the comment section below.