Food Monday – Grillz Meets Smoothie in Lekki


Hello Guys,

Hope you had a great weekend because I did. I definitely had more time to myself and also spent more time in Lekki. I got to meet some interesting people and also LIL readers Yayyy.

When I meant more time to myself I mean relaxing and simply enjoying my environment. Back to present – Today on Food Monday I discovered something different in my relaxation mode – Amazing grilled food with my new lost for smoothies by the Bay (#watersidechilling).

For this discovery I knew i was not looking for anything heavy with too much carbs and trust me I drove round before decided where to try out for this weeks food discovery. I have suddenly become a regular for Smoothies (As you must have seen on Instagram) but I made a smart choice adding it to my grilled lunch. I also think I went a bit different because something are yet to be uncovered about lekki (E.g embracing the waterfront relaxation because there are some really amazing spots by the waterside in Lekki.

Main course – With all the english on the menu I was not sure what to expect but it was a wild guess and when it was serviced I smiled because it was familiar (Seasoned grilled chicken with fried/grilled potatoes). Note – I positioned myself by the waterside watching the sun set and the tides moving so it was very balanced for me sipping on iced smoothie and having this spicy yummy grilled chicken. Trust me it was hot but It was really worth it, Well marinated and cooked well with potatoes that could have been more but guess what I wanted more of everything.

I really do hope the pictures do justice – See pictures below.

Grillz by the w3

Smoothie 4

Grillz by the W11

What I had

Chicken Pinky with sautee potatoes

Apple Berry Smoothie

Place – Farmcity waterside

Ever had the smoothie in lekki or had the grills at Farmcity? Let me know what you think by dropping a message in the comment section below.